Garfield Grumble 2024

Runners at the start of the Garfield Grumble
Runners launch from the start
Zenon Reece and Brian Glassey take the lead up the initial hill
The pack trudges up the initial climb
The pack has a long way to go up the first climb
Race Director Conrad Cole brings up the rear on the first climb
Runners make progress up the first climb
Brian Glassey flies toward the finish line
Zenon Reece speeds to the finish
Zenon Reece heads over the last hump to the finish
Zach Collette angles across to the final hogback
Donnie Tietsema has the finish in sight
Runners contour their way across the steep hillside
More runners negotiate the steep hillside
Runners fly down toward the finish
Buzz Burrell hot foots it toward the finish
Melissa Beaury is the first woman headed to the finish
More runners work their way across the steep slope
A lone runner contours across the steep slope
Runners negotiate the final contour and down the final hogback
Zach Collette leaps the fiery finish line
Cynthia Malleck leaps the fiery finish line
Sergio Nevarez leaps the fiery finish line
CJ Barella leaps the fiery finish line
Laura Venner and Kayla Rhodes are almost done
Steve Ela leaps the fiery finish line
Grumble winners Brian Glassey and Zenon Reece

Some great images were captured at the 2024 Garfield Grumble to go along with the multitude of memories, some of joy and some of terror. Thanks to Robb Reece for most of these shots along with Tom Ela for a few. Click on the first image then scroll through for the best viewing.