Rosco Betunada

Secretary, Newsletter
Board Member, Newsletter Editor

Little is actually known about Rosco Betunada and even less is factual. At the age of 15, Mr. B. incorporated a regimen of distance-running into his direction-less and futile life – and now, many years later, Mr. B’s life remains direction-less and futile, and the running regimen remains an integral part of it. In the mid-1990’s he was asked to “fill in” as the MMS temporary Newsletter Editor until “a real one” could be found.
We are still looking for that person … The “running regimen” began in 1964. One year later he was a Colorado State High School Cross-Country champion. His running “career” since then has continued un-abatedly in a downward spiral. His goal every race is to NOT set a P.W., but that wish is rarely achieved anymore. His car is probably the only one in the parking lot at a given race with a “2.62” bumper sticker. He holds the world record (‘whirled wreckord’) for the ONE-MILLION-CENTIMETER BIKE RACE AT 10,000-FEET ELEVATION WHILE RIDING NUDE UNDER THE FOOL MOON.