• December 2020 The Strider
    24 Dec, 2020

    December 2020 Strider

    In this issue: Danni Homan wins Arches ½ Marathon! MMS “Special Deals." Adam Feigh sets new Run-2-Whitewater record!
  • 2020 Turkey Flats Trail Run Race
    10 Aug, 2020

    August 2020 Strider

    In this issue: Ashleigh Gardner & Peter Byers quickest at Turkey Flats race! Michelle Overndorf and Ryan Sullivan spend the least amount of time enjoying the scenery at Crag Crest. And "Breaking Bad Duathlon” Results.
  • The Strider, June 2020 Newsletter of the Mesa Monument Striders
    10 Jun, 2020

    June 2020 Strider

    Since there is no news due to COVID-19 cancellations of all recently scheduled and upcoming events, we decided to send you some history to read instead. We've selected various interesting tidbits from previous Strider newsletters and other sources starting with a reproduction of the very first Strider newsletter published for April-May 1978 (a long time ago).
  • Runners on the trails in Loma, Colorado.
    21 Mar, 2020

    March 2020 Strider

    March 2020 newsletter of the Mesa-Monument-Striders; the corona-virus-tainted edition - In this issue:  Madame President does Xcellent Beverage Pre-dixioneering, the Fruita (P&R) Sweetheart 5k/10k enjoyed? by almost 400 runners! Central H.S. (& Marty W. and Keri Nelson) win the Fruita Sweetheart Runs ~ and results from 2 early-2020 Moab Ultras.
  • Striders on the trails in Loma, Colorado
    16 Jan, 2020

    January 2019 Strider

    In this issue of the Strider: Almost 1,800 runners in Turkey Trot run. Tristan Spence and Ryan Guldan win Wintersun 11K. Erin Walter and Max Robinson are fastest at Bang's Canyon Trail run.
  • Rim Rock Run Marathon and Halt-Marathon, Grand Junction to Fruita, Colorado
    03 Dec, 2019

    December 2019 Strider

    In this issue of the Strider: Run to Whitewater; Jeanie Grooms, James Roche, Esmeralda Rostel are the “biggest turkeys” 2019 RimRock Run could be biggest and best yet.