• Pi Day Run
    19 Mar, 2024

    March 2024 The Strider

    In this issue:  Fruita “Sweetheart” a big success!  Valentine’s Massacre refuses to die!  KARA ROPER WINS CANYONLANDS 13 ~ & MAX ROBINSON & GRANT ROPER finish strong!
  • Appleton freezer run
    23 Jan, 2024

    January 2024 The Strider

    In this issue:  RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP! ANNUAL CALENDAR included !  Annual MMS Treasurer’s Report.
  • rim rock
    01 Dec, 2023

    December 2023 The Strider

    In this issue:  Whit Blair, apparently recovered from his 6th-place @ Imogene, WON the Marble-area LEAD KING LOOP 25K !  RYAN SULLIVAN 3rd @ Ouray 8-mile trail run !  Austin Anderson runs to Whitewater the fastest!  Chuck Mattson is the biggest Turkey! (& THAT’s a “good thing”)
  • 2023 turkey flats
    31 Jul, 2023

    July 2023 The Strider

    In this issue: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? CRAG CREST WAS CANCELLED! (still) TOO MUCH SNOW! Also, “History of Mary’s Loop Run”
  • A couple of Widowmaker runners
    26 May, 2023

    May 2023 The Strider

    In this issue:  RYLIE GARDNER 2nd @ T&L half-marathon! AUSTIN ANDERSON 2nd @ Amasa-Back 15k!  CHRIS SOVACOOL (& JESHURUN SMALL) both win Desert-Rats!