May 2023 The Strider

A couple of Widowmaker runners
26 May, 2023

T h e   s t r i d e r

In this issue:  RYLIE GARDNER 2nd @ T&L half-marathon!
AUSTIN ANDERSON 2nd @ Amasa-Back 15k! 
Austin Anderson, Kristin Kallus, Chris Sovacool, & Lexi Van Roekel winners at “Widow” – Rie Pruitt and Marty Wacker exhibit “Master” mastery ~
THANKS to Tommy E. for contributions ~           NEXT ISSUE à hey! readership – anything YOU’d like to see discussed, reported, or rumors to dispel or promulgate?
MMS Directors meeting, March 28:  7 directors were present.  One director said he showed up a week early. (But then he went home & returned a week later).  Another was off to Italy the following day (!) to go on a bike tour.  Another had recently returned from Hawaii.  “You could purchase an avocado the size of a softball for $2!”  By comparison, the only ‘trip’ the Editor has recently taken was to “babysit” his grandsons in Oregon for a week. 
            Oh … “back to business” – the MMS financials are good.  Memberships?  Also good.  The Editor lamented about the diminishment of beer at recent meetings. 
            With our former BLM-liason person gone, we should try to get someone to be our liaison soon.  Karla noted that “covid ‘took care’ of trail-maintenance training” and also not helping is what seems to be another pandemic of people stealing trail-signs.  Martin accompanied the CMU nordic/cross-country team to the (then) recent national championships – the amount of snow was “catastrophic” – some events could not be conducted.  (Snow well above the tops of two-story buildings in places.)
The M M S Directors are:
KARLA NEPHEW -- President (& Jaguar-Timing-System).
ANDY WINNEFELD – Vice-President (& frequent medical insight).
TOM ELA – Membership (among many other things).
LARRY INGRAM -- Calendar, Race Director Consultant.
SHERYL DOUGLAS (former President).
CONRAD COLE – Treasurer & Purchaser of Stuff.
Anyone and/or anybody bored and/or weird enough (I’d say “sane” but that may be questionable) who wants to attend, participate, hopefully pontificate (but not too much) at the next meeting is more than welcome to do so !
Fashion note: A Striders ball cap is the perfect accompaniment for your new Spring outfit! Waiting around at 6 AM for some race to start? Keep your brains warm and focused with a Striders beanie or buff. Get any of these coveted items from either Tom or Karla at the group runs or email [email protected] .
            For submissions for next newsletter:  Email articles to [email protected]
Doesn’t have to be a ‘submission’!  Let me know of O-missions, etc.
or ‘regular’ mail to MMS, c/o Betunada, 230 Sunset Hills, Grand Jct., CO  81503
(phone #s, if any, are 970-area unless otherwise noted)
May 27, 8 a.m.  GARFIELD GRUMBLE, 5+ practically-never-level miles.  East Trail Head near Palisade.  Conrad, 986-4311 or Joe 243-4382
May 29, some little race in Boulder
June 1, 6 AM  --  Imogene Pass Run registration opens
You need to decide if you're going to tackle this challenging run on its 50th anniversary. Be ready to register at 6 AM because this typically sells out in 30 minutes. This is a fabulous mountain run experience but you need to take it seriously and get trained up!

June 3, Sat. 9 a.m.  MIKE-THE-HEADLESS-CHICKEN 5k, Fruita
June 18, Sunday, 7 a.m.  Strawberry Shortcut, 5k & 10k, Glenwood (Strawberry Days)
June 25, Sun., 9 a.m.  TURKEY FLATS LOOP, 9.6 MILE TRAIL RUN
Registration on race day only, well-marked route but no aid stations

up, above Glade Park, Tom: 773-3124
For directions and a good trail description, profile and map:

Group training run every Monday, 6 PM

5/29 Pollock Canyon Trailhead, run Pollock Bench Loop
6/3 Mary's Loop Trailhead, I-70 Loma Exit
6/10 Devil's Canyon Trailhead  
6/17 Pollock Canyon Trailhead, run Flume Canyon Loop
     We will rotate through these four locations in this order through the season. For all but Mary's Loop, take Colo Hwy 340 south from Fruita across the river and turn right at Kings View Rd. Follow through the subdivision and onto the gravel road. Devil's Canyon parking is soon after on the left, Pollock parking is a couple of miles further on the left.  Monday continues to have a "no drop" group that will ensure you don't have to run alone.  We run in all conditions. Like the Thursday night group, this is casual and all abilities are welcome with various distances to choose from.  Tom 970-773-3124
Group training run every Wednesday, 6 AM
Tabeguache Trailhead on Monument Road (Lunch Loops) 
Like our other group runs, this is casual and all shapes and speeds are welcome.

Group training run every Thursday, 6 PM
Tabeguache Trailhead on Monument Road (Lunch Loops) 
We'll be out there rain or shine. As always, this is casual and all shapes and speeds are welcome with various routes to choose from. We'll look out for you.
Questions: Tom 970-773-3124

Got any used running shoes cluttering your closet? Duh! Striders has joined a program to collect them and recycle them for good use with Sneakers4Good. Striders will get a small kickback for shoes collected but the main plus is the positive outcome for these old shoes. You can find more about the program at  I will be collecting used but in decent shape shoes at our Mon/Thrs group runs and at other Strider events. Thanks!

Saturday, May 13, Run from the Dinos 5K
Did anyone reading this, participate in this event?  Apparently a “short run” to accompany a plethora of long (mostly gravel?) bike races that weekend ~

Saturday May 13   Thelma and Louise 15K/Half marathon/Marathon/50K
Moab area – originally “just a half-marathon”, this female-only event has been increasingly popular for several years now.  THIS YEAR:  4 distances? (Yess)
     50K: 29 stalwarts finished the long event, led by Gretchen Snyder (23, Boulder) in 5:42:25.  Not too far back were Kate Levy (39, Denver), 5:43:49 and 4th was Julie Burt (Paonia), 5:47:42.
     Marathon:  43 finishers – fastest was Elizaveta Ershova (35, from Bergen – is that Norway?) with a 4:13:53.  Chloe Pickford, (39) from FRUITA was 12th, 5:37:36.
     Half-M:  still popular, 179 finished.  Won by Molly Fierman (39, White City, Utah) with 1:46:48.  Second was RYLIE GARDNER (26, GRAND JUNCTION), 1:52:15.  Fastest ‘master’ was 59-yrs-young Carolyn Morganstern, 2:07:07.  Ashton Hall (23) and Leslie Henderson (60!), both from G.J. were 21st and 59th (2:16:57 for Ashton).  Leslie’s 2:33:55 won her age group.
     15k – 112 ladies completed the “short run” – won by Cat Velasquez (28, from “no home town given”), 1:10:35.  9th was Master’s fastest Molly Deffenbach (43), 1:22:48.  Quite the picture of home-town solidarity was demonstrated by Paula Lopez (41), Kathleen Joy (45), and Carrie St. Clair (42) – all from Grand Junction and finishing 30th, 31st, and 33rd.

MORE running websites: ( SJMR )    San Juan Mountain Runners, 631 S. 2nd Street, Montrose, CO  81401
            Yes, kids, this long-time-in-existence running crazies are our nearest neighbors – consider checking out their events, if you haven’t done so already.  
West Colorado GIRLS ON THE RUN: 
Steamboat Springs: – this site should show all you need to know about most (or all!) the Steamboat-area races.  Get on their e-mailing list! (road runners clubs of america)  and   colorado runner:  (check their promotion of J. Recker’s The Humiliation Tour)
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The following:  Summit Canyon Mountaineering, ALPINE AUTO-HAUS, the FOOT SUPPORT GROUP, ZEALIOS, WEBCREATE.COM, and Dr. Andy Mohler, family practice, have assisted in keeping membership costs lower than they could be.  And:  they support running in the Grand Valley (& elsewhere).  Support them if you can!
            ALPINE AUTO-HAUS, 539 BOGART LANE – (970) 248-8004
Consider this auto-repair/servicing shop – especially for your Audi or BMW or VW or MINI ~
FOOT SUPPORT GROUP  Foot/gait/orthotics/bracing/modification specialists 
“European Craftsmanship – Biomechanical Design”  3212 F Road, Clifton, CO  81520
888-242-3881     or, in the 970 area code:  434-2727  
Summit Canyon Mountaineering  461 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501  
Ask about a possible MMS discount ~ (970) 243-2847 
Dr. Andy Mohler, family practitioner – with the Primary Care Partners PC, 3150 N. 12th (G.J., 81506), 245-1220

WEBCREATE.COM – just as it appears:  need help with your website? [email protected]          

As posted last newsletter, we remind you that none other than BILL RODGERS wrote: “I love this story and wish it for everybody.”  This is in regards “our very own” Jeff Recker’s new book -- THE HUMILIATION TOUR.
The ‘widow’ races have been a local institution for many years.  The Editor participated in these over 20 years ago.  The start/finish has moved “uphill” to the trail-head/parking area 3 miles up Little Park Road.  31 runners finished the 6-mile – led by Austin Anderson (27) in 45:18 and Kristin Kallus (24) with 61:00.  2nd places were Joel Homan (42), 47:34 and Ari Odom (26), 65:45; and 3rd-places went to Geoff Williams (35), 49:24 and C J Barella (34), 67:25. 
            Eighteen runners tackled the 9-mile event.  The women were paced by Lexi Van Roekel (32), 1:11:33; Rie Pruitt (48), 1:14:15; and Tracy Thelen (43), 1:26:57.  Chris Sovacool (34) led all finishers with 1:01:54; next was Cody Esbenshade (34), 1:02:26; then Ian Rogers (29), 1:03:31.  Of note was master’s fastest Marty Wacker (52), 4th over-all in 1:04:14.
April 15, AMASA-(back) Trail Runs, MOAB.  25 k and 15k
Several Grand Junction runners finished this year’s races – with Austin Anderson (age 27) runner-up (to Timmy Parr from Gunnison) in the 15k.  Each race had about 120 finishers.
            1. Parr (41), 1:11:10   2. Anderson, 1:12:01  9. Michelle Smith (42, Glenwood) 1:36:02 10. Aaron Martinson (45, G.J.) 1:39:32  41. Darby Spence (27, G.J.) 2:02:02
44. Jessica Hardy, (59, G.J.) 2:09:53 – wins age group!  3rd in that age group was Lori Bullwith (also 59), 2:27:44  91. Jennifer Phillips (49), 2:42:51
            25k:  1. Griffin Briley (17, Park City) 2:03:08  2. Adam Smith (21, HRanch, CO) 2:10:26
5. Tessa Chesser (36, T’ride), 2:14:48  65. Oliver Berg, (28, G.J.) 3:41:36
89. Joe Carter (52, G.J.) 4:24:31
April 16, ELEVATE – 5k or 10k.  Las Colonias Park.
Fairly good turn-out for the 5k (about 180 finishers).  ALEX LINENBERGER (age:20-29) was fastest, 19:51 while AMALIA MORENO (also 20-age-group) was fastest woman: 24:01
2. Joshua Chaffee, 22:38   3. John Ferguson (60?! Undisputed master’s winner), 23:41
2nd woman: Krystle Koehler, 26:06 & 3rd: Carly Kiddy, 26:52.
     37 runners wanted a longer work-out, with MIKE HOGDEN (30-some) fastest in 48:25, whereas MELINDA McCAW was quickest lady, 48:27.  Actually, DOUG McCAW may be the co-winner, as his time was the same as Mike’s.
Gemini Adventures sponsored quite the event just outside of Fruita.  One could undeniably call this “massive.”  Anyway, many hundreds of runners participated in several different races (343 runners in the 21k alone) –
     CHRIS SOVACOOL won the 42k, his 3:38:55 the fastest for 89 finishers.  NOTE: these races did not affiliate names with home-towns – just “country of origin.”  Something to do with this event being part of some world-spanning ultra-trail-running conglomerate?  So … we did not note other possible “local” (Grand Valley) finishers as home-towns/states were not given.
     However, also in the 42k we noted Cody Esbenshade, 12th, 4:44:21 and Even Rich, 14th, 4:56:36.  Women’s winner in that race was Raquel Harper, 3rd over-all, 4:22:07.
     The 21k was won by Jeshurun Small (whom we believe is a “local”?) – 1:23:23.
     129 runners were in the 10k, won by Mark Wilson (44:27) and Alexa Berster (5th over-all in 50:00).  There were 2 x 50k races?  Our guess is that Friday’s scheduled 100k was shortened to a 50k.  Grant Roper was 8th in this race.  The other 50k (presumably originally intended as such) had over 300 finishers! 
May 6, FRUITA TRAIL HALF-MARATHON, conducted in the North Fruita Desert by – did not list home-towns, etc. of participants.  But we were told that Andy Mohler was 9th over-all in this race, winning the 50+ age group.
The May 13, HOGBACK HUSTLE 5K, in New-Castle, was similar to the Desert Rats in that EVERYONE WAS AN AMERICAN! – whereas DezurtRatz hosted many extra-national competitors.  Nothing but U.S. flags after each contestant’s name.  Somewhat well-attended, though.  60-years-young Bernie Boettcher was 2nd over-all in a 20&change clocking.