rim rock
01 Dec, 2023

December 2023 The Strider

In this issue:  Whit Blair, apparently recovered from his 6th-place @ Imogene, WON the Marble-area LEAD KING LOOP 25K !  RYAN SULLIVAN 3rd @ Ouray 8-mile trail run !  Austin Anderson runs to Whitewater the fastest!  Chuck Mattson is the biggest Turkey! (& THAT’s a “good thing”)

Mary's Loop Run

After a long hiatus, MMS is once again hosting the Mary's Loop Run on Saturday, August 26 at 7:30am.  The run will be the original 8.5 mile course starting at the main Kokopelli Trailhead, running a clockwise loop and ending with the road back to

peach ice cream
17 Aug, 2023

Annual Peach Ice Cream Night

Get your cranking arm ready!!  Annual Peach Ice Cream run Thursday 8/17 in conjunction with the Thursday evening group run. Come run then help crank and eat the homemade fresh peach ice cream. Or just show up for the treat!

2023 turkey flats
31 Jul, 2023

July 2023 The Strider

In this issue: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? CRAG CREST WAS CANCELLED! (still) TOO MUCH SNOW! Also, “History of Mary’s Loop Run”

Crag Crest 2023

IMPORTANT RACE UPDATE: After hitting 99 today in the valley, it's hard to believe how much snow lingers on Grand Mesa. I explored Crag Crest a couple of days ago and found it is not in good shape for a fun race right now.

A couple of Widowmaker runners
26 May, 2023

May 2023 The Strider

In this issue:  RYLIE GARDNER 2nd @ T&L half-marathon! AUSTIN ANDERSON 2nd @ Amasa-Back 15k!  CHRIS SOVACOOL (& JESHURUN SMALL) both win Desert-Rats!