Bangs Canyon World Championships 2019

Conditions on the course this year were pretty typical. Mostly snow covered tracks with recent atv and off road traffic. The Windmill climb was challenging with the typical loose snow. The temperature was great for this time of year starting in the low 30s and warming up to high-40s. Clouds in the morning with snow showers giving way to sunshine in the afternoon.

In the women's 30k, Keri Nelson took the early lead once again and set a hot pace. Lurking back in second Erin Walter ran her own race. Near the end Keri was bonking on the final climb but she had enough time in the bank to keep Erin at bay by the finish. Lex Russell, Michelle Oberndorf, and Kayla Howell ran together the first 10 miles before Kayla pulled away on the Windmill climb to secure third.

In the men's 30k James Roche and Justin Ricks set a fast early pace down to the river. Max Robinson patiently ran his own race almost a half mile back until the often decisive Windmill climb. Halfway up Windmill Max finally got close enough to see James and Justin. Max would continue to close the gap until he finally took the lead near the top of Windmill. Over the top all three were still very close. Justin confident in his downhilling put all of his chips on the table and by the bottom of the canyon had a significant gap on Max and James.

All that stood in his way to finish line glory was the long climb out of Rough Canyon which has left many racers walking over the years. Max was running well on the uphills and could eventually see Justin again as they neared the top. It was going to be close. Max had just enough left to pass Justin near the top and take home the prestigious Bangs Canyon World Championship crown. Justin close behind. James would take a solid third.

Not too long after, Patrick Hummel bounced in to the 30k finish and declared he would indeed run a second loop for the 60k. For most one loop is more than enough, but Patrick has been thinking about the double for a couple years now. Refueled, out he went covering the course in reverse direction. Patrick would battle soft snow and loose footing on the final climb back from the river to finish a solid day as the only 60k finisher.

A good time was had by all at the post-race camp fire. Thanks to Ryan Sullivan for keeping the post-race together as Lounge Manger.

Special thanks to Shannon and Molly for course marking. Thanks to Erik for helping clean up and get the fire pits home.

Finally, big thanks to Jim for course clean up.

If you had fun, bring a friend next year!


Start Location
Bangs Canyon Trailhead

End Location
same as start

Race Date: 01/12/2019

Starting Time: 8:30am

Starting Temperature:

Men's All-Time Record


Women's All-Time Record


Non-Binary All-Time Record


Place Time Name Age Gender
1 7:34 Patrick Hummel - 60k 34 M
1 3:00 Max Robinson 25 M
2 3:01 Justin Ricks 38 M
3 3:11 James Roche 31 M
4 3:18 Nolan Ripple 25 M
5 3:23 Chris Marcinek 31 M
6 3:25 Keri Nelson 37 F
7 3:28 Erin Walter 28 F
8 3:30 Astro Ball 35 M
9 3:36 Patrick Hummel 34 M
10 3:44 Kayla Howell 32 F
11 3:48 Chris Wright 47 M
12 3:49 Jordan Ricks 36 M
13 3:51 Erik Hemstad 36 M
14 3:52 Lex Russell 27 F
15 3:52 Michelle Oberndorf 26 F
16 4:06 Ryan Paavola 34 M
17 4:17 Laurie Heiner 32 F
18 4:18 Donnie Tietsema 34 M
19 4:21 Karla Nephew 39 F
20 4:23 Jeff Recker 56 M
21 4:36 Laura Venner 36 F
22 4:37 Brian Osborn 41 M
23 4:37 Lukas Miley 38 M
24 4:37 Adam Byerly 39 M
25 4:49 Colleen Wright 41 M
26 4:53 Chris Pack 44 M
27 4:56 Sue Drake 62 F
28 4:59 Hannah Holm 48 F
29 4:59 Denise Ricks 38 F
30 5:28 Kirk The Legend Kirk Apt 57 M
31 5:28 Lara Schneider 40 F
32 6:07 Susan Bierman 46 F
33 6:07 Nicole Sturrock 37 F
34 6:56 Randee Bergen 53 F
35 6:56 Corey Hinman 42 F