Run to Whitewater 2021

The weather was a little cool at the beginning, but basically perfect for this years run. Trail conditions were said to be perfect except a little soggy up top. We only had 12 participants, down from 27 last year. The weekend was filled with other competing events including spring races postponed due to Covid 19. Kim accommodated a number of different start times and had the ability to sort things out at the other end. Most humorous was Levi locking his keys in his car and had to spend 19 minutes breaking in so it could be moved from the parking lot.

We used to have an in at the Domino’s on Orchard Mesa when Kim’s oldest son owned the joint. Not anymore. Pizzas were not available for pickup until 10:45 under new management. So, our Editor, Roscoe saved the day and picked them up and transported to the finish line. Thank you, Roscoe!


Start Location
Tabeguache Trail Bangs Canyon

End Location
Tabeguache Trail Hwy 141

Race Date: 10/17/2021

Starting Time: 8:30

Starting Temperature: 34

Men's All-Time Record

Runner: Adam Feigh (2020)
Time: 2:02:25

Women's All-Time Record

Runner: Lexi Van Roekel (2019)
Time: 2:36:04

Non-Binary All-Time Record


Place Time Name Age Gender
1 2:16:00 Adam Feigh 0 M
2 2:37:00 Edmund Paspali 0 M
3 3:09:00 Tracey Thelen 0 F
4 3:22:00 Evan Rich 0 M
5 3:29:00 Levi Hamer 0 M
6 3:36:00 Karla Nephew 0 F
7 3:36:00 Laura Venner and Bandit 0 F
8 3:47:00 Donnie Tietsima 0 M
9 3:51:00 Jina Silva 0 F
10 4:00:00 Scott Hollmaier 0 M
11 4:09:00 Nikki Sturrock 0 F
12 4:55:00 Kirk Apt 0 M