Tortoise and Hare 3-Mile Relay 2023

This year's Tortoise and Hare Relay was small but competitive. Race Director Larry Ingram did a good job pairing teams proven by the close results. Oliver Berg had the fastest time by far around the 3 mile road course, 22:57. Chocolate bunnies were awarded to the top teams, per usual.

Start Location
2932 B Rd

End Location
2932 B Rd

Race Date: 3/11/2023

Starting Time: 9:30

Starting Temperature: 45

Men's All-Time Record


Women's All-Time Record


Place Time Name Age Gender
1 57:04 MARSHALL STEEL(29:11)/JOHN BERG (27:53) - M/M
2 58:38 DEE PLUNKETT (31:11)/ANDY WINNEFELD (27:27) - F/M
3 59:01 TOM ELA (31:09)/BILL READE (27:53) - M/M
4 59:25 SHERYL DOUGLAS (36:28)/OLIVER BERG (22:57) - F/M