Appleton Freezer

  • 2022 finish
  • Appleton Freezer 4-mile race
  • 2022 finish

Race starts at
10 am
Appleton Elementary School
Appleton Elementary School
Contact Person:
Karla Nephew
Race Organizer

The Appleton Freezer is one of the Striders' oldest organized running events with this year being it's 40th running. 

The official race route begins at the east edge of the Appleton Elementary School's south drop off loop @ H Road. Run H road east to 24 Road. Take 24 Road north and turn left on I Road. Run down I road and take a left on 23 Road. Take a final left on H road and finish in the Elementary School's drop off loop.

*We will collect a small fee to cover use of the school.
Register on race day.