Bangs Canyon World Championships 2024

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Race starts at
8:00 am early start, 8:30 am regular start
Bangs Canyon Trailhead, Little Park Ct, Grand Junction, CO
Bangs Canyon Trailhead, Little Park Ct, Grand Junction, CO
Contact Person:
Karla Nephew
Race Organizer

This is an old school, self supported, no frills race.

Race sign-up will occur in person the morning of the race at the start-finish line beginning at 7:45AM.

It is recommended that racers carry: a cell phone, map, and at least 40 oz of fluids. There will be no course marking and no aid stations; the course consists of a single 30k loop. The first loop will be clockwise followed by a counter clockwise loop for the 60k. You will have access to your car at the 30k mark. If you are planning to complete the 60k, you must be done with the first loop by Noon.

This is a very challenging trail run on 100% double track trails. Each lap consists of over 4000 feet of climbing.

The 8AM start time is recommended for those 30K runners who might need a little extra time to enjoy the course and looking for post run socializing around the fire pits. The official start will be at 8:30AM.

This is a self rescue event-no one is coming to save you!