Crag Crest 2023

  • Runners along the crest - photo by Kate Avery
  • Runners atop Crag Crest on Grand Mesa in western Colorado.
  • Runner along the crest
  • View along the crest
  • View along the lower section of the trail

Race starts at
9 am
Island Lake Trailhead
Same as start
Contact Person:
Tom Ela
Race Organizer

IMPORTANT RACE UPDATE: After hitting 99 today in the valley, it's hard to believe how much snow lingers on Grand Mesa. I explored Crag Crest a couple of days ago and found it is not in good shape for a fun race right now. There is still considerable snow cover in all of the wooded areas making the trail difficult to navigate. There are quite a few fallen trees as well. Because of that, the Crag Crest Race is CANCELLED. I will still be up there at 9AM on Sunday since some of you may still want to run or hike it but the course will NOT be marked. Come prepared for considerable snow travel (it does tend to be hard packed although not always) and for route finding.


Scenic singletrack loop on top of Grand Mesa mostly through forest and meadows with a long crest section that is narrow with short sections of exposure. Starts at 10,455' with a high point of 11,170'. Stunning views from the crest of lakes and distant peaks. Self-supported.