Garfield Grumble

  • View along the ridge at the top
  • Runners heading up the spine
  • "Bridges" along the back side of the trail
  • Famous finish line fire jump
  • Some years they make tshirts
  • Runners socializing after a Garfield Grumble trail race in Palisade, Colorado

Race starts at
8:00 am
Mt. Garfield trailhead
Private land at the base of Mt. Garfield (use the 33 Rd overpass into the desert to what would he H Rd then work east and north)
Contact Person:
Conrad Cole
Joe Schwartz
Race Organizer

Become part of the Summit and Plummet club!!  Very steep and difficult climb to the summit up the main trail from the Palisade trail head then descend a marginal trail with exposure down the Clifton side for the typical fiery finish. Self supported.

This run is not for everyone. Please take your own personal fitness and abilities when considering doing this race.