December 2019 Strider

Rim Rock Run Marathon and Halt-Marathon, Grand Junction to Fruita, Colorado
03 Dec, 2019

West Slope’s longest-running autonomous? not-so-anonymous collective of running-minded-persons.

In this issue:  RUN TO WHITEWATER, Jeanie Grooms/James Roche/Esmeralda Rostel are the “biggest turkeys”? (um, oh, they WON the big turkeys!

2019 RIMROCK could be biggest and best yet !

Next month:

Thanks to Corey Hinman, Sheryl Douglas, Conrad Cole, and Corey Hinman

for contributions to this edition

Nov. 2, RimRock Marathon, and half-marathon (& 12k) 

RIMROCK – MARATHON: MAX ROBINSON & KARA ROPER were quickest to Fruita Circle Park after having experienced the entirety of the Monument Rimrock Drive.  Each set a new course record, Max @ 2:48:30 (he held the previous C.R. of 2:53:48 set 2 years ago) and Kara @ 3:07:56 (she’s won all but one year! – previous C.R. of 3:13:05 by Katherine Robinson.  Hmmm… must know Max, eh?)  90 runners finished the big M.

  1. Robinson (26, from Fruita), 2:48:30                 2. Jeremy Duncan (38, Basalt), 2:58:55
  2. Oliver Balestrieri (age 16! From G.J.), 3:05:27 4. Roper (38, from G.J.), 3:07:56

In 6th was men’s Master’s fastest, Brian Fisher (53-yrs-young, from Littleton), 3:23:56

7th place was Women’s runner-up Shelby Corning (24, Arvada), 3:25:53

10th was men’s 2nd master, Bryan Baroffio (61, G.J.), 3:34:31             3rd woman was Lillian Dinkins (age 38, G.J.), 14th over-all, 3:51:55.  (We think she is the sister of this year’s 4th-place finisher in the recent IronMan World Championship, Ben Hoffman)

Martin Wiesiolek was 13th over-all (age 53, G.J.), 3:47:39    12th woman and women’s master winner was Anne Pence (52, Eagle), 4:31:51

HALF-MARATHON – JAMES ROCHE & LAUREN LIPSKI ran the 2nd-fastest times ever recorded for this event.*  Mr. R (32, Palisade) finished over 2-minutes clear of runner-up Forest Jarvi (30, G.J.) with 1:15:20; whereas Ms. L (25, SLC) had a 1:21:24 for a similar margin over MacKennea Broyles (22, Boulder).  Ms. B still holds the course-record (1:20:01, 2017).  218 runners finished this event.

  1. Roche, 1:15:20           2. Jarvi, 1:17:44         3. Gannon White (43, master’s fastest, G.J.), 1:18:07                       4. Michael Quispe (53-yrs-young Denver), 1:19:07

5. Ms. Lipski, 1:21:24            6. Jordan Ricks (36, Moab), 1:22:22

7. Ms. Broyles, 1:23:55                      8. Nicole Mackey (3rd woman, 22, G.J.), 1:24:25

9. Ryan Turbyfill (40, Aurora), 1:25:47      10. Levi Broyles (52, Delta), 1:26:30 

12. Kevin O’Brien (61, Paonia), 1:27:41      14. Lexi Chelle (16!, Fruita, 4th woman), 1:30:27   Women’s masters winner appears to be Connie Selsor (58!, G.J.), 1:48:00

            *We are still researching – James may have set the actual COURSE record, as the 2017 ½ M was a different (& ‘easier’) course.  Stay toond …

Marathon Relay (1st runner of 2-person teams) runs the mostly uphill first half, tags his/her partner who runs down to Fruita.  There were 14 teams this year (up from past years, we think).  First team was “Coffee, Tea, & Contemplation” (two runners named Newkirk from Niwot) with a 3:15:06 over-all (only 4 individual runners beat them).  The 2nd-place team (“The Old Men” from Louisville) had what must have been an almost-front-running first-runner performance, in that the first runner had a 1:29:39 UPHILL half-marathon.

12 K:  won by 44-yrs-young Elliot Ball from Eaton (CO) with a 44:03.  He was followed by 85 more runners.  In 2nd was G.J. resident Robert Camp (39), 51:31.  The 3rd runner was women’s fastest, Veronique van Gheem (38, Denver), 51:45.  4th from G.J. was Timothy Spurr (37), 51:51 and in 5th over-all was 2nd woman, Lori Wilson (47, Florida), 52:04.   [email protected]

MMS Directors meeting --> October 22,  11 Directors present (includes Corey H: “trails liaison” & Martin W -- ¿ is it official yet that he is Web-guy & Facebook ?).  We had 3 “guests” – Emma Leigh, Kristin M, & Corey.  (JK didn’t get/note last names of Emily & Kristin).  

            Prior to Emma Leigh/Kristin/Corey’s arrival, and subsequent discussion, we talked about the past weekend’s RUN TO WHITEWATER.  There was a runner (who didn’t enter “officially” and his contact phone # was, well, didn’t work) who was “missing”.  KM said “never mind the Marine motto of “never leave anyone behind” – getting 30 out of 31 racers ain’t bad.”  (The missing person was, eventually, accounted for).

            Emma Leigh “felt compelled” to come to the MMS Director’s meeting after a recent race (¿Hope of the Valley on Oct. 19?) in Fruita.  Someone approached her and stated: “The Striders does nothing to support youth in our community.”  She has been a(n) MMS member (and also quite involved with “youth” in that she’s a school principal) and decided to discuss this problem with us) – How can we (MMS) tap into youth in our community?

            The recent request by personnel at FMHS asking if MMS could time the latest “Anna Banana” H.S. invitational was discussed.  Patrick H (and one other) did show to operate “back-up” timing.  However, the request was made with 3 days notice, and the race was on a Friday, when many (most?) MMS Directors (& whoever might & could have helped, not Directors) were at work. 

            G O T R was brought up, but it was stressed that “we deliberately separate MMS from GOTR”, something to do with the “non-competitive” aspect.  Never-the-less, GOTR apparently “does well enough on its own”.

            What is the/a channel through MMS for youth in our community?  Emma Leigh expressed the sentiment that MMS be “more inclusive.” Kate Hill does a Fruita-area youth running program.

            Larry Ingram brought up the fact that he had been a local High School Track/Cross-Country coach, and inaugurated some running programs for high-school kids and younger.  We mentioned the 5k that R.B. put on for Orchard Mesa Elementary School. We mentioned the track coach bringing his students to speed workouts throughout the winter. We mentioned the annual local elementary-school (and Middle-School) cross-country championships.  KM:  What if MMS put on a Middle-School Cross-Country race?

            Kristin:  consider a (say $500) annual college scholarship for high-school runners?   KM suggested that local high-school programs put on (revive) the Monument Downhill – profit from which would go into scholarship(s).

            We (Directors) had a subsequent discussion.  We had more than a quorum of 8 directors.  There was more beer than usual (“we’re a beer-drinking club” said one Director (RB)).  What next, cots on the premises?  However, we did discuss “business”, talking about the perceived “lack of out-reach” to youth/kids/school-students.  Karla brought up the idea of an annual scholarship for a deserving local/Grand Valley high school runner – presumably one is to run in/for college.  Keith joked that this could be named the “Larry Ingram Memorial Scholarship” (except that he is, still, living).  Larry proposed that this be a CMU Running Scholarship – that way everything “stays in the valley.”  We’d have to “go through”/contact the CMU coach.  Proposed was $500 awarded one time a year (JK asks ¿ would this be renewed every year provided the runner continued running, with CMU?)  We talked/contemplated an event to generate funds for this?  Keith:  approach the G J Sports Commission, perhaps 2 such scholarships?

We also talked about the upcoming completion of the ‘River-front’ trail from Las Colonias up to Lunch Loop.  Perhaps a celebratory 4- (or so) mile race could occur?

            Unrelated:  when did the Rimrock Marathon finish in Fruita?  This is in regards course records.  The 12k record was DEFINITELY set this year! 

            Santa Cause, coming up on Dec. 14.  Ben Hoffman (GJHS grad, right?) 4th in the recent World Championship Hawaii Ironman ($22k award).  He ran his marathon (2:48) in the same time as the recent winning RimRock time!

            Website re-design and costs – actual cost will be debated/discussed but it seems we (mostly) want to go ahead with this.

Sheryl Douglas noted that: Cory talked about getting another person from the club to attend The Grand Valley Trails Alliance group meetings.  Backup for her when she can't attend. Have the club make a $100 donation to the GVTA.  Cory will find contact information.  She would also like to get another crew leader trained for trail building/maintenance.  It was suggested to offer points for attending trail building events, like we do on the trail series.  For ultra runners, offer an incentive that if they helped with trail work, we could sign off on a form for them.  Martin put together a proposal for website development.  He can also write up guidelines for people to post items to facebook.  Next meeting Nov 19th.

For submissions for next newsletter:  Email articles to [email protected]

Doesn’t have to be a ‘submission’!  Let me know of O-missions, etc.

or ‘regular’ mail to MMS, c/o Betunada, 230 Sunset Hills, Grand Jct., CO  81503

Did you know that you can opt-out of the paper version of the newsletter and get an email version?  You will still get one paper newsletter at the beginning of the year that contains our annual calendar.  Just let Tom or Karla know!  (But if you’re an old-fashioned dinosaur (like the editor), continue w/paper ~)



Note: all phone numbers “970” unless indicated otherwise    


Nov. 28, Thursday, 9:30 a.m.  Has it already been 9 years? 9th-annual Firemen’s Turkey Trot 5k,

NOTE:  this event has moved from “downtown” to Stocker Stadium!  (We had previously listed an incorrect start time AND location).  Also a “kids 1k” @ 9 a.m.  5k starts finish at Stocker and goes downtown and back.

Also Thanksgiving day:  9 a.m., Turkey Trot 4.3 mile (& 2-mile)  Oak Grove Elementary (west of downtown Montrose).  [email protected]

December 7, Saturday          WinterSun 10k

            Starts @ Moab Golf Club, mostly downhill to the Grand County High School

Saturday, December 14, 10 AM, Santa Cause Run 5K
Las Colonias Park Ampitheater  
First 300 participants get a Santa suit to race in!

Saturday, December 14, 3 PM   BEER MILE!   495 Blair St, Fruita

December 28, Saturday, 11 a.m. Grand Mesa Classic, 10K CROSS-COUNTRY SKI RACES!

@ Skyway, on TOP of “the Mesa”

January 4, Saturday, BANG’S CANYON 30K/60K.  8:30 a.m.  Watch/read the weekly email updates.  Patrick Hummel.

January 25, Saturday, APPLETON FREEZER 4-mile.  11 a.m.  Appleton Elem. School (on H Road just west of 24 Road).  Mr. Hummel, again.

Mad Moose keeps the great Moab races coming at us:  Jan 25, Arches 9K, Half and Ultras
Feb 15, Red Hot Ultras


            Join us for any of the 3 weekly training sessions: anyone (that is: come one, come all).  NOTE:  you DO NOT "HAVE TO" RUN -- show up and walk, even!   We are switching from the trails to THE STREETS (& track).  Group training runs are held three times each week, Monday-Wednesday-Thursdays.  Time changes on Nov 3.  Please note our switch to running streets until daylight returns (all still 6 PM):

Every Wednesday, speed workout,  6 PM – we will run at/on the Lincoln Park track (Stocker Stadium).  All abilities and speeds encouraged to join, Tom 970-773-3124.        


Group training run every Thursday,  6 PM – we will run from Handlebar, at the corner of Broadway and Monument Road.  As always, this is casual and all shapes and speeds are welcome with various routes to choose from. We'll look out for you.  Tom 970-773-3124 

OR Thursday 6 PM  Daylight Wasting Time Headlamp Run
Tabeguache Trailhead on Monument Rd (Lunch Loops).  Same as Summer mode but with headlamps.  Info text Kirk at 970 349-1185

Group training trail run every Monday,  6 PM   Monday Nov 4 ongoing, run from Copper Club, 233 E. Aspen St, downtown Fruita. We have a 5 – 6-mile standard loop, but there are various shorter options to choose from. Tom 970-773-3124 

b c z y x v u 8 1 0 4 3 n ? ! q

MORE running websites: ( SJMR )    San Juan Mountain Runners, 631 S. 2nd Street, Montrose, CO  81401   

West Colorado GIRLS ON THE RUN: 

Steamboat Springs: – this site should show all you need to know about most (or all!)

the Steamboat-area races.  Get on their e-mailing list! (road runners clubs of america)  and   colorado runner:

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And:  they support running in the Grand Valley (& elsewhere).  Support them if you can!

ALPINE AUTO-HAUS, 539 BOGART LANE – (970) 248-8004

Consider this auto-repair/servicing shop – especially for your Audi or BMW or VW or MINI ~

FOOT SUPPORT GROUP  Foot/gait/orthotics/bracing/modification specialists 

“European Craftsmanship – Biomechanical Design”  3212 F Road, Clifton, CO  81520

888-242-3881     or, in the 970 area code:  434-2727  

Summit Canyon Mountaineering   461 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501   (970) 243-2847 

Dr. Andy Mohler, family practitioner – with the Primary Care Partners PC, 3150 N. 12th (G.J., 81506), 245-1220

WEBCREATE.COM – just as it appears:  need help with your website? [email protected]

The M M S Directors, currently, are:

KARLA NEPHEW – President (& Jaguar-Timing-System).

ANDY WINNEFELD – Vice-President (& frequent medical insight).   

TOM ELA – Membership (among many other things).    CONRAD COLE – Treasurer.   

ROSCO BETUNADA – interim temporary acting Secretary, Newsletter.   

RANDEE BERGEN -- Web Site, and FaceBook.    LARRY INGRAM -- Calendar, Race Director Consultant.

SHERYL DOUGLAS (former President and still Keeper of the Keys).

PATRICK HUMMEL – Architectural and Design consulting.  COREY HINMAN (GVTA Liason).

K M (mystery occasional semi-secret agent), consultant on any-&-everything

If any reader (or, heck, even if YOU DON’T READ this) has somewhat pertinent photos of local or involving-locals or even remotely related to local-running photos, consider sending them in.  [email protected]

Nov. 2, Saturday,  Pear Park Panda Waddle 5k, Long’s Park (near Central H.S.)

Same day as RimRock this 5K was held @ Long’s Park.  A fund-raiser for Pear Park Elementary. 154 finishers.  Fastest were DOMINIC PUGLIESE (age 18), 18:28.5; and MAGGIE SIMMONS (20, 4th over-all), 21:11.0

  1. Pugliese, 18:28.5       2. Collin Porvatz (18), 19:15 3. Sean Phelps (56 years young), 20:57

4. Simmons, 21:11     5. Hannah Croasdell (2nd woman, 19), 21:50

6. Kara Wickham (3rd female, age 12), 22:03         7. John Ferguson (63), 22:12

8. Alex Pinedo (10), 22:22    9. Abigail White (18), 22:41 10. William Vrman (19), 22:52

Age groups: WOMEN, 20-29: Simmons       30-39: Tammi Brophy, 28:52           40-49: Stacey Mosely, 28:46 50-59: Cindy Wallace, 47:26 60-69: Kelly Mattson, 41:50 and winning over-all for 70+ was Kathryn Urso, 45:13

MEN: 20-29: Lance Chaffin, 26:05   30-39: Devin Mattson, 27:39           40-49: Sean Fox, 31:05

50-59: Phelps, 20:57 60-69: Ferguson, 22:12

Also Nov. 2 (and 3rd) and Nov. 16 were the Moab Trail Marathon (& half, & 5k) and the Dead Horse Ultras.  Anyone participating in either or both have a report?


Fall 2019 Striders Trail Work Day - Thank You!! to all of the Striders that came out Saturday, October 5th to volunteer their time working on trail projects at Devil’s Canyon. We had an awesome turnout with 13 Striders participating! Striders along with the Great Old Broads for Wilderness group collaborated on a variety of projects from revegetation, sign maintenance/removal and erosion mitigation work as part of a National Public Lands Day event.

From Morgan Rubanow, BLM Public Affairs Specialist, “I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for the NPLD event on Oct 5th. Mary and Corey, please pass on my thanks to the members from your groups who attended.” It is so great that we have so many Striders members that volunteer their time helping to maintain and improve our local trail systems. You are all amazing, thanks again!!

I definitely want to jump back into attending the GVTA meetings on behalf of the Striders. I received an email from the GVTA group earlier today with a reminder that the next meeting is next Tuesday, October 29th. I plan to be there and will take notes to share at the November Striders board meeting. 

            GVTA mentioned in today’s email that they are planning for a local trail crew leader training class March 27-29, 2020! I will get more details during the meeting next week so we can put the communication out to our members. I will also be sure to ask the BLM about Striders who need to put in volunteer hours for running event entries and if we can provide a ‘receipt’ or other documentation showing their participation. I know there is something we can do- we just need to get the process in place :)

            Looking forward to joining future board meetings. I definitely want to be more involved with our running organization and want to contribute in every way I can. I have really enjoyed organizing and leading trail work days for the Striders these past 4 years and want to continue to improve the events and grow participation.

            Thanks! -- Corey

Corey later attended the GVTA meeting October 29.  Notes follow:

            I received the GVTA yearly dues check in the mail from Conrad (thank you, Conrad!). I presented the check to the group during the meeting.

            I asked the BLM about providing a receipt or another type of documentation for volunteers who need to submit hours as a part of ultra/endurance event entries. The BLM doesn’t issue this type of documentation, but we as an organization can provide a ‘certificate’, email or other record of volunteer hours to our members. I’ll plan on drafting a template that we can use for this and bring it to the next board meeting for review.

10/29/2019 GVTA Meeting Notes:

  • Book Cliffs Trails - 16 miles of new single track trail in the Book Cliffs area was recently completed (near the Sarlacc trail); 55 VOC volunteers came out for a large trail work day this fall to assist in the trail building effort
  • Windmill Trail - work is underway on the Windmill Trail (near Butterknife, Third Flats trails); aiming to make a full 30 mile loop single track trail
  • Palisade Plunge - two crews working on upper section, one on the bottom, progressing slowly but steadily
  • 18 Road Camping/Event Area - construction may start sometime next year
  • eBikes - Eric Coulter, Public Affairs Specialist with BLM was in attendance; explained the intent of new legislation on eBikes is to make trails more accessible to all users; BLM clarified that eBikes are technically not allowed on non-motorized trails in the Grand Valley; COPMOBA and other groups in attendance pressed Eric to deliver updated messaging to the public regarding this; BLM is planning to discuss current rules/policy with bike shops
  • Trail Crew Leader Training - set for March 27-29, 2020; planning to have refresher training along with full trail crew leader certification classes; the BLM will pass along more information as they work to finalize training schedules and open registration; would be awesome to get additional Striders members trail crew leader trained to assist with our Striders trail work events
  • Proof of Volunteer Hours - the Striders board mentioned that proof of volunteer hours are required for entry into some of the ultra/endurance events; MM Striders can issue a document or email showing volunteer hours for participation at a Striders trail work event upon request
  • Yearly Dues - presented yearly GVTA membership dues check from MM Striders
  • Questions? Reach out to Corey at 707-933-6328 or [email protected] with trail work or GVTA related questions and for additional information on the upcoming March 2020 trail crew leader training

Run to Whitewater

Results 10/20/2019

1  Ryan Sullivan                      2:09:06            2  Max Robinson         2:09:06

3  James Roche                       2:10:24            4  Giff Walters            2:17:36

5  Kevin Hadfy                       2:18:42            6  Drew Cargill           2:23:15

7  Edmond Paspali                  2:30:54            8  Lexi VanRoekel      2:36:04

9  Cameron Thurgood 2:41:47            10  Josh Drews            2:52:28

11  Patrick Hummel                3:02:00            12  Donnie Tietsema   3:02:01

13  Ernie Langolier                 3:11:08            14  Martin Wiesiolek              3:22:57

15  Abbie Ceglowski              3:28:44            16  Ezzie Rostel          3:34:01

17  Karla Nephew                   3:34:02            18  Ashely Ahlholm    3:34:03

19  Dale Morrison                   3:36:15            20  Jina Silva               3:37:35

21  Nikki Sturock                    3:37:45            22  Dory Smith           3:37:49

23  Deborah Anderson            3:41:04            24  Levi Hamer           3:45:06           

25  Scott Holmaier                  3:47:11            26  Julie Gillis 4:48:56

27  Randi Bergen                    4:49:50            28  Lara Schneider      5:05:54

29  Kirk Apt                            5:05:56            30  Sheryl Douglas     5:24:00

We had an all time high in the numbers this year. Due largely to Tom’s weekly e mail and Randee’s facebook challenge. The weather the week before looked like it might be wet.  However, race day was perfect.  31 souls met the almost 18-mile challenge. (62 soles).  LEXI VanROEKEL was the women’s winner.  And the participants consumed 9 medium pizzas that were donated from the Orchard Mesa Dominos.  Would like folks to remember, If you are going to go slow, please start with the early group. Also please provide a phone number that works.  ~ Conrad ~

(Ed. Note:  Yes, Conrad mentions 31 runners, while 30 are listed above.  There was a “mystery runner” who apparently didn’t want to be “official”, whom also was believed to be “lost”, but fortunately, wasn’t).

How many of you ardent and fanatic and, and, yes, fans of running in general did not know the RMAC Conference Cross-Country Championships were HERE IN RIVER CITY?  I wish I had a couple daze notice, as I would have watched … anyway, on Oct. 26, at Tiara-Rado G.C. the 16 schools of the RMAC competed … (apparently NOT talked up by local media, until after the fact).

    Women:  Adams State had runners @ 1st, 2, 3, (& 7, 8, 10th!)  Stephanie Cotter (an Irish national) won the 6k race with 19:40.  Colorado Mines was 2nd team, and Western State 3rd

Men:  CSM had 1st (Dylan Ko, 23:21 for 8k), 5th, 6, 7, and 8th. (& 9th).  Adams state was 2nd team & WSU 3rd.  CMU was 10th team for men, and 9th women’s team.

The same dominant teams swept the Regional meet (Nov. 9) a couple weeks later, and could possibly do the same for the NCAA D2 Nationals on Nov. 23 in Sacramento. 

S. Central Regionals:  Women, 1. ASC (24 points), 2. CSM (51), 3. WSU (69).    Men: 1. CSM (41), 2. WSU (69), 3. ASC (70) ß note that ASC/WSU reversed conference positions.