August 2020 Strider

2020 Turkey Flats Trail Run Race
10 Aug, 2020

Thanks to Gerhard & Deb (@ Foot-Support Group), Dr. Andy W., Corey Hinman, Conrad Cole, and Tommy Toast for contributions to this edition

Mesa Monument Striders     Turkey Flats Trail Run          6/28/2020

Place / Name / Age    Time

1 Peter Byers, 23     1:13:15             2 Eivind Roed, 28   1:14:38

3 Cody Klaiber, 24     1:15:54                       4 Jeremy Swaim, 18  1:16:23

5 Dan Brillon, 54     1:18:39              6 Tyler Coleman, 32  1:22:10

7 Ashleigh Gardner, 17     1:23:46   8 Nick Clifford, 18   1:23:52

9 Parker Cushing, 25     1:24:12       10 Josh Drews, 36   1:24:55

11 Mike Charnick, 31     1:27:12      12 Lex Williams, 33  1:29:13

13 Skyler Nallick, 29     1:31:46        14 Donnie Tietsma, 35  1:32:11

15 Kristi Siman, 40     1:35:48                      16 Laura Venner, 38   1:36:35

17 Ernie Langelier, 68   1:38:22                   18 Stefany Busch, 23   1:41:03

19 Jameson Tade, 35    1:41:28                    20 Jina Silva, 32     1:47:30

21 Cory Davis, 42     1:47:46             22 Ray Jensen, 55    1:58:10

23 Joe Sheader, 59     1:58:15                       24 Andy Winnefeld, 49         2:15:51

25 Melissa Doudna*, 37  2:19:26                 26 Corey Hinman, 44     2:22:00

27 Lara Schneider, 42   2:26:44                   28 Kirk Apt, 58     2:26:46

29 Lou Villaire, 56     2:40:11                       30 Steve DeFeyter**, 68   2:43:34

*Injured, last mile carried on a bike                        **Sweeper

Conditions were wonderful for the 2020 edition of the Turkey Flats Trail Run. The weather was cool and calm. Weeks of dryness meant a mud-free and mosquito-free run but it reduced the wildflowers and made it quite dusty. The race used an interval start to comply with COVID-19 distancing guidelines so single runners were launched every 10 seconds. Runners liked the relaxed first mile finding their own rhythms rather than being constrained in a pack but it made it harder to know exactly where each stood competition-wise as the race progressed. Winner Peter Byers didn't really have to worry as he moved to the front and put a nice gap on everybody. Ashleigh Gardner, coming off an excellent high school running career and heading to college down under in Australia, easily out-paced the other women. Thanks to Zealios for providing comfort products and Four Points for energy bars.

Crag Crest Trail Run  7/12/2020

Place / Name / Age   Time

1 Ryan Sullivan, ?                   1:28:44                       2 Liam Earl, 23    1:31:23

3 Giff Walters, 34        1:36:41                      4 Ryan Guldan, 36     1:36:56

5 Edmund Paspali, 50     1:42:50                  6 Rich Connors, 36    1:43:19

7 Parker Cushing, 25             1:47:53                       8 Josh Drews, 36        1:53:23

9 Michelle Oberndorf, 29     1:54:17                       10 Lexi Van Roekel, 29         1:54:28

11 Erin Walter, 29                 1:54:38                       12 John Draminski, ?             1:59:15

13 Esmeralda Rostel, 34       2:00:44                       14 Skyler Nallick, 29             2:02:37

15 Kristin Lillie, 29                2:06:53                       16 Mark Leistico, 43 2:12:04

17 Laura Venner, 38 2:19:14                       18 Keith Bershader, 55         2:20:27

19 Ashley Alholm, 33            2:20:46                       20 Eivind Roed, 28                2:21:24

21 Karla Nephew, 40             2:23:49                       22 Peter Korslund, 54           2:28:59

23 Dave Knutson, 71             2:40:23                       24 Penny Vercilline, 49         2:42:00

25 Ray Jensen, 55                  2:42:34                       26 Steve DeFeyter, 68           3:07:05

27 Lara Schneider, 42           3:19:46                       28 Kirk Apt, 58         3:19:55

29 Alicia Drews, 36               3:50:15                       30 Cheyanne Drews, 14        3:50:27

31 Savanah Drews, 10           3:50:36                       32 Lou Villaire, 56                 4:09:01

  Ernie Langelier, 68 DNF   

Crag Crest Trail was a popular place, much higher and cooler than the Grand Valley with its 100 degree temps, but none had as much fun as the 33 runners who ran the full loop. There were a few crashes per usual, one temporarily lost and a few down tree obstacles but nothing dampened the enjoyment for long. Ryan Sullivan swore he was just out for a fun run but, when Liam Earl got close to him on the far end, the competitive juices kicked in and Ryan turned on the jets to win with over a 2-minute cushion. Michelle Oberndorf, Erin Walter and Lexi Van Roekel finished together but, when the 10-second staggered start was figured in, Michelle had the fastest overall time. It is unconfirmed but highly likely that Savanah Drews, at 10-years old, is the youngest to complete this race. Bravo! And bravo to Edmund Paspali for celebrating his 50th birthday on the trail! Thanks to Dawn Gwin for help with timing, to Zealios for providing comfort creams and to Four Points for energy bars!

MMS Directors meetings -->  we met … in April, via Zoom, and the next ‘virtual’ meeting after that was August 11 – also via Zoom.

If you already haven’t, CHECK THE NEW UPGRADED website !

Saturday, June 27, 8:30 p.m. –Joe Bosshard, coach of TeamBoss (distance-runners, of course) decided that although most (all? – including the Olympics!) running events were cancelled or indefinitely postponed due to U-NO-WOT, his runners would have a mid-summer race, anyway.  He had learned that CMU had just finished their new track in the middle of the campus and decided THAT TRACK would be a good venue for his runners to try to set new Colorado Men’s and Women’s Mile-Run records, and inaugurating the track (so to speak).  The fastest miles ever run within the State of Colorado were 4:01 for men, and 4:36 for women.  Due to the covid-situation, Mesa County Public Health -- which, of course, was approached and granted approval for this event, provided stringent stipulations were effected – such as:  NO PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT of this in advance, keep spectators to a minimum (mostly relatives of athletes and event officials) – but “word got out” and perhaps one-hundred-fifty spectators were in attendance.  Most of us had to watch from outside the fence around the facility.  No matter.  I joined Bob Thome, who found perhaps the “best seats in the house” – the top row of the softball-field bleachers close to the track.

The women ran first, 8 (I think) world-class athletes.  Emma Coburn (wife of the coach) trailed until the last lap and passed everyone to set the new State record of 4:32.  Laura Thweatt also was under the old record.  Both these women were frequent high-school competitors here in Grand Junction – Emma from Crested Butte and Laura from Durango.  The men raced when the women were done – and though they were agonizingly close to breaking 4:00, Morgan McDonald (4-time NCAA champion) ran a 4:02.07.  The record might have been broken had there not been a bit of wind.

TeamBoss had been training in Crested Butte (elev. 8900’) and coach Joe figured that after getting used to that altitude, coming down to half that height would certainly help in breaking the records.  Many of you read about this in the next day’s Sentinel (yeah, the DS was invited, there had to be a nod in regards public-reporting – after the fact).

If anyone is interested, Rosco can forward a detailed article which announced the event in advance.  “Google” this, (e.g. TeamBoss Colorado Mile) you’ll be able to see post-race interviews, etc.  


Hello, runners, Hot weather running reminders:

  • Stay hydrated! Carry water.  Use plenty of sunscreen.
  • Scale back your speed and/or distance as needed. Pay attention to how your body is reacting. Don't hesitate to take a break in a shady spot.
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The M M S Directors, currently, are:

KARLA NEPHEW – President (& Jaguar-Timing-System).

ANDY WINNEFELD – Vice-President (& frequent medical insight).   

TOM ELA – Membership (among many other things).    CONRAD COLE – Treasurer.   

ROSCO BETUNADA – interim temporary acting Secretary, Newsletter.   

LARRY INGRAM -- Calendar, Race Director Consultant.  MARTIN WIESIOLEK -- Web Site &

SHERYL DOUGLAS (former President and still Keeper of the Keys).

¿ PATRICK HUMMEL ? – Architectural and Design consultingCOREY HINMAN (GVTA Liason).

K M (mystery occasional semi-secret agent), consultant on any-&-everything


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Stay the course/ Dick Beardsley

I was in Minnesota on vacation.  Why Minnesota?  Because I was hot and wanted to cool off and do some lake activities.  One of the activities we wanted to do was fishing, but we had no poles, tackle, bait, etc. and did not know where to go.  I decided a fishing guide was needed who could supply everything.  There were many listed for the Bemidji, Minnesota area, but one name caught my eye - Dick Beardsley.  Where had I heard that name before?  I decided to google it and then I remembered.  He is mentioned in Bill Rodgers' and Alberto Salazar's books - both of which I have read recently.  He is most famous for his 1982 Boston Marathon duel with Alberto Salazar which was the closest finish in Boston history.  He finished 2nd and was 1.6 seconds behind Alberto.  I emailed him, "I would like to go fishing with you and are you the famous runner?"  He said he was and was available to fish on Thursday.

I brought my 2 sons with me to go fishing.  Dick was very friendly and we started talking about running instantly in between pulling in 28 fish in 4 hours (most were largemouth bass).  It has been 38 years since 1982 and Dick has aged and lived life.  He is now age 65.   He told me, "I am slower than molasses in January."  He has had both knees replaced and many other surgeries related to a major farm accident and being hit by a truck.  Yet, he still runs!  He likes to run at 3 AM before his fish guiding starts.  He also coaches runners and does motivational speaking.  All of his events this year were cancelled by COVID 19.  He said he runs about 10 minute miles now.  He is not interested in winning races anymore, but he loves to run!  He also runs in Winter in Northern Minnesota routinely when it is 20 to 40 degrees below 0.  One time on a Winter run it was 60 below zero and he still ran, but not before telling his wife to come looking for a frozen body if he did not return in an hour.  Dick says his breath literally froze in front of his face.

Dick asked me about my running.  I told him I had had a difficult year running and was having difficulty with motivation with no races being run.  He could relate, but offered encouragement anyway.  Runners can always have reasons not to run.  Some of my favorites are too hot, too cold, too tired, too busy, too much work, etc.  But if you make something a priority, then you will find a way to get a run in.

OK, I had to ask him about the 1982 Boston Marathon.  I watched the end of the race on YouTube.  I recommend you do so.  It is exciting even if you know the outcome.  I found myself routing for Dick.  Near the end he is passed by Salazar, but he makes a comeback and starts gaining on him.  Then he has to veer around a motorcycle and the race is just not long enough.  Another 100 yards or so and I think he would have caught him.  I told Dick I watched the video from 1982 and was hoping he would win.  Dick said, "I have watched that a thousand times and maybe one day I will win."  We laughed.   I asked, "Do you think you could have won if the motorcycle was not in the way?"  He said, "I don't know."

I told Dick about the Mesa Monument Striders.  He was very interested and asked many questions.  He believes that he may have done the Rimrock Run many years ago before it was a marathon.  Do any of you remember him being here?

So my encounter with a running legend was memorable and very enjoyable.  He is very humble, approachable and genuinely interested in people.  He said, "I may have been a good runner, but you are probably good at something else."  At the end of our time he gave me an autographed picture.  My take home message is keep running my friends!  You never know what life will throw at you.  You will not always be as fast as you are now, but this is a lifetime activity and you can keep running when you are 65 and older!  When it is hard to get out of bed in the morning, maybe you can think of Dick Beardsley in Minnesota running through a cold Minnesota morning.  60 below zero!  “Dick they make treadmills”, I said.  He said, "I don't use them."


The Strider heartedly thanks Andy Winnefeld for sharing this encounter.  (Dr. W also submitted a “covine-running-guidelines” article a few months back when relaxing some of the recommended safety-actions definitely seemed inappropriate.  Hopefully things won’t “get so bad” to the point where it would behoove The Strider to include that in a forthcoming issue … )


AUGUST, & beyond … C A L E N D A R ?

Note: all phone numbers “970” unless indicated otherwise    

Covid is claiming more races: the Grand Mesa Ultras, Mt Sneffels Half Marathon and Marathon, Desert Edge Triathlons, Tour of the Moon bike tour and 18 Hours of Fruita (already postponed and now cancelled). Keep training for next year! Aravaipa just pulled off the Kendall Mtn Run and still has Arizona races on the books but I'm skeptical they'll happen. Likewise Mad Moose has Crested Butte and Moab runs in October and beyond but keep watching for changes.


Guidelines for Group runs on Mondays and Thursdays and casual races:

  • We will continue to vigorously encourage 6-foot distancing both before, during and after the runs. Have a mask handy if things get tight as we gather or out on the trail. Bring a chair if you want to comfortably relax afterwards with a proper gap..

  • The cooler will be there! Beverages will be served by a sanitary gloved person so that it will be like a safe food truck rather than an open buffet. Sorry, no shared food pot-luck. (Darn!) Bring your own water and nutrition.

  • As always, if you have felt the least bit symptomatic in the last 14 days or if you've been in contact with a symptomatic person within the last 14 days, please refrain from joining us until you've been cleared.

  • Likewise, if you are a vulnerable person or need to be in regular contact with a vulnerable person, please consider wisely whether coming out is worth the risk

            Join us for any of the 2 weekly training sessions: anyone (that is: come one, come all).  NOTE:  you DO NOT "HAVE TO" RUN -- show up and walk, even!  the Group training runs will be held two times each week, Monday and Thursdays.  

Group training run every Thursday,  6 PM
Tabeguache Trailhead on Monument Road (aka Lunch Loops)
We'll be out there rain or shine. As always, this is casual and all shapes and speeds are welcome with various routes to choose from. We'll look out for you.
Questions: Tom 970-773-3124


Group training run every Monday, 6 PM
8/17 Pollock Canyon Trailhead, run Pollock Bench Loop
8/24 Mary's Loop Trailhead, I-70 Loma Exit   8/31 Devil's Canyon Trailhead

9/7 Pollock Canyon Trailhead, run Flume Canyon Loop
We will rotate through these four locations in this order through the season. For all but Mary's Loop, take Colo Hwy 340 south from Fruita across the river and turn right at Kings View Rd. Follow through the subdivision and onto the gravel road. Devil's Canyon parking is soon after on the left, Pollock parking is a couple of miles further on the left.
We run in all conditions. Like the Thursday night group, this is casual and all abilities are welcome. We have a 5-6 mile standard loop but there are various shorter options to choose from.  Tom 970-773-3124 


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 The following(“Silver Lining”) was sent to us at the start of this Covid craziness.  I think the sentiments expressed are still as valid as then …



(3/24/20) :

Dear MMS members and friends,

as with many non-essential Medical Services, Foot Support Group is temporarily limiting its hours of operation to reduce exposure/transmission of COVID-19.  We like the concept of the Atmospheric Planetary Cure, dispersed by trained avian messengers?  Ironic.

            During this time-off Gerhard has carefully put his running shoes back on.  10 days ago a 5k seemed like something far away.  Today a 28-min 5k occurred.  This year marks 10 years of “Attacked by a rogue Apricot or Learning How to Walk Again.”  Please take a moment to look at the blessings life bestows upon us, the opportunities it presents (even in times of challenge).

            Take this time as an Avid ( runner, cyclist, hiker, etc.) to give yourself an opportunity, not to chase a PR – but reflect on:  Balance, Recovery, Cross-Train.  Stretch: stand on one leg with your eyes closed and put on the opposite sock (“challenge”!).

            What is it, that’s missing?  Sit, walk, run quietly and you might find an answer that has been obstructed by daily “noise.”

            So, when life presents with watermelons …

            Happily safely-distanced, distance-running (etc.) everyone – and Thank You for letting us be part of your pursuits ~

Deb & Gerhard @ Foot Support Group



Breaking Bad Dirt Duathlon 2020,  8/1/2020, 7:30 AM, North 25 Rd desert


The inaugural Breaking Bad Dirt Duathlon came off with nobody lost, nobody run over by an ATV, nobody shot and everybody happy except maybe Joel who was leading in the run until he pulled up lame. David Stuart had the 5th best run time then kicked in the jets to pass everybody on the bike and win with a nice gap. Michelle Oberndorf was solid throughout for 1st place woman and 5th overall. David and Michelle won unique trophies made from Breaking Bad materials found on the course. Congrats! Chris Sovacool had the best run time, Nikki and Jay Sturrock won the team division, Zenon Reece was youngest at 15 and had a solid finish and Ray Jensen won the Spirit Award for being totally in the spirit of it all! Most agreed it was a challenging course but, after fighting the headwind and the grade out to the high point, thought it was a ripper return largely in the fun zone. A lot of the course used old routes from Dr. Paul Wubben's Desert Championships 15K Run (including the skinny gulley!) so thanks to him for inspiration as well as to Larry Ingram who staged a Do It In The Dirt Duathlon out there many years ago. It was a good idea itching to be reborn!











0:26:13 (5)

1:04:34 (1)


David Stuart




0:25:02 (3)

1:07:08 (2)


Erik Hemstad




0:23:29 (1)

1:17:08 (3)


Chris Sovacool




0:27:07 (7)

1:24:40 (4)


Mike Charnick




0:25:14 (4)

1:30:53 (8)


Michelle Oberndorf




0:27:42 (8)

1:29:17 (7)


Robb Reece




0:28:29 (10)

1:28:46 (6)


Sean Meissner




0:23:51 (2)

1:35:41 (11)


Zenon Reece




0:28:06 (9)

1:33:17 (9)


Esmeralda Rostel




0:35:35 (15)

1:28:18 (5)


Nikki/Jay Sturrock




0:34:03 (12)

1:33:20 (10)


Aleksey Voutun




0:40:46 (16)

1:37:15 (12)


Ray Jensen




0:40:56 (17)

1:44:44 (13)


Chelsea/Jared Ballard




0:34:57 (14)

1:50:53 (14)


Cory Davis




0:26:49 (6)

1:59:47 (16)


Danni Homan




0:34:39 (13)

1:53:20 (15)


Jamesom Tade




0:31:44 (11)


Eric Krch




0:49:29 (18)


Pam Krch




0:49:59 (18)


Sheryl Douglas




0:51:26 (20)


D Plunkett




1:13:15 (21)