January 2023 The Strider

bangs canyon 2023 early start runners
21 Jan, 2023
bangs canyon 2023 runners

In this issue: WHIT BLAIR & TRACY THELEN are “Bang’s Canyon World Champions”!
ROPER FAMILY SWEEPS Appleton Freezer !
CHERYL STAHLY (& WHIT BLAIR) run with the kids @ Santa Cause!
&, most importantly, M M S Annual Financial Statement(s) !
THANKS to Conrad Cole, Tommy E., and Karla for contributions ~
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Saturday, January 7: Bangs Canyon 30K Trail Run
This ultra race (some years 2 laps of the 30-km course, but this year, just one) was at
the Bangs Canyon Trailhead Parking near the top of Little Park Road. It is an old-school, selfsupported,
no-frills race. This is a VERY challenging trail run on 100% double track trails. It
consists of over 4000 feet of climbing and has been known to make grown adults cry.
Seven stalwarts finished the 30k this year, while a few more “dipped their toe(s) in the
water” (actually, ice & snow) and ran partway. Whit Blair and Tracy Thelen are the newly
crowned Bangs Canyon World Champions! Mr. Blair enjoyed 2 hours and 41 minutes of
winter-time high-desert solitude, with Chris Sovacool not too far back (2:52). Ian Rogers was
3rd at 3:14, with Cody Ebenshade next (3:24). Tracy had almost exactly 4 hours of, fun?,
exertion? whatever … in 5th place was Jake Gottschaltz (3:52) with Matt Cirkovic out for 5:26.

MMS Directors meeting, December 13: 6 directors in attendance. We (usually) talk
mostly about the local/regional “running scene” but prominent in the editor’s notes are:
Conrad asks Dr. Andy: “Does ultrasound break up scar-tissue?” Andy: “it could work.” Karla
suggested that a “timing seminar would be good to attend.” Conrad then reported on the
MMS “financials” – the data of/from which should be in this NL. Example: we got $1100 from
timing the Santa Cause – with it’s 331 entrants. Both S. Douglas and Mr. Cole were wearing
2007 Rimrock 37k apparel (Conrad had the jacket, Sheryl the shirt). What a coincidence, eh?
Check a website called “running in the USA” – (DOT.com) – one can query by state, region,
distance, etc. Something about “the man in the can” in a recent Outside (?) Magazine.
Could be that the Editor may not have been paying close attention to some (hopefully not all)
of what was discussed.

The M M S Directors, currently, are:
KARLA NEPHEW -- President (& Jaguar-Timing-System).
ANDY WINNEFELD – Vice-President (& frequent medical insight).
TOM ELA – Membership (among many other things). ROSCO BETUNADA – Secretary, NL.
LARRY INGRAM -- Calendar, Race Director Consultant. MARTIN WIESIOLEK -- Web Site &.
SHERYL DOUGLAS (former President). CONRAD COLE – Treasurer & Purchaser of Stuff.

Striders beanies and neck gaiters are now available. APPRECIATED DURING COLDWEATHER
RUNS & SUCH. Beanies are $15, neck gaiters $10 or if you pay cash, get the set
of two for $20. Contact Karla, [email protected], or Tom, [email protected], or check
them out at the weekly group runs.

For submissions for next newsletter: Email articles to [email protected]
Doesn’t have to be a ‘submission’! Let me know of O-missions, etc.
or ‘regular’ mail to MMS, c/o Betunada, 230 Sunset Hills, Grand Jct., CO 81503
MESA MONUMENT STRIDERS website: http://www.mesamonumentstriders.com


Saturday, Jan. 28: Arches Ultras – 9k, half-marathon, 50k, 50Mile
These races take place along the borders of the Arches Nat’l Mon.

Saturday, February 11: Fruita “Sweetheart” 5k & 10k
10 a.m. start – “down-town” Fruita. https://www.fruita.org/parksrec

Saturday, Feb. 18, 10 a.m.: No matter your speed, anyone can win the next Striders race!
Valentine Massacre 3-Mile Prediction Run South end of Rosevale Rd (at the dead end
above the Gunnison River past the base of Little Park Rd.). Entry is 2 beverages of your
choice. The runners that predict closest to their actual times take home the beverages. You
don't need to be fast, you just need to know your pace to win! Compete as individuals or
couples. (Note: NOT a 5k! – just “a bit” short)

Saturday, February 18, Red Hot Ultras 50-Mile, 55K, 33K, 15K
Moab https://www.madmooseevents.com/

Group training run every Monday, 6 PM (This includes a NO DROP group that ensures
no one has to run the loop alone!) Ongoing meet at Base Camp Provisions, 155 N
Mulberry St, Fruita (next to Copper Club and across from Hot Tomato)
6 PM as always. Bring a headlamp! We have a 5 mile solid-surface standard loop but there are
various shorter options to choose from. We run in all conditions. Like the Thursday night
group, this is casual and all abilities are welcome! Tom 970-773-3124
March 13 or so we’ll go back to the trails at Mary’s Loop.

Group training run every Thursday, 6 PM Ongoing, meet at Handlebar, corner of
Monument Rd and Broadway We'll be out there rain or shine. As always, this is casual and
all shapes and speeds are welcome with various routes to choose from. We'll look out for you.
Questions: Tom 970-773-3124
March 16 we’ll resume out on the Tabeguache (Lunch-Loop) area.

MORE running websites:
sjmr.club ( SJMR ) San Juan Mountain Runners, 631 S. 2nd Street, Montrose, CO 81401
West Colorado GIRLS ON THE RUN: gotrwesterncolorado.org
The M M Strider JANUARY 2023 edition
Steamboat Springs: www.runningseries.com – this site should show all you need to know
about most (or all!) the Steamboat-area races. Get on their e-mailing list!
rrca.org (road runners clubs of america) and colorado runner:

Support the underwriters / sponsors of the MESA-MONUMENT STRIDERS:
The following: Summit Canyon Mountaineering, ALPINE AUTO-HAUS, the FOOT SUPPORT
GROUP, WEBCREATE.COM, and Dr. Andy Mohler, family practice, have assisted in keeping
membership costs lower than they could be. And: they support running in the Grand Valley
(& elsewhere). Support them if you can!
ALPINE AUTO-HAUS, 539 BOGART LANE – (970) 248-8004
Consider this auto-repair/servicing shop – especially for your Audi or BMW or VW or MINI ~
FOOT SUPPORT GROUP Foot/gait/orthotics/bracing/modification specialists
“European Craftsmanship – Biomechanical Design” 3212 F Road, Clifton, CO 81520
888-242-3881 or, in the 970 area code: 434-2727
Summit Canyon Mountaineering 461 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Ask about a possible MMS discount ~ (970) 243-2847
Dr. Andy Mohler, family practitioner – with the Primary Care Partners PC, 3150 N. 12th (G.J.,
81506), 245-1220
WEBCREATE.COM – just as it appears: need help with your website?
[email protected]

It appears that the Grand Valley will, again, have a nationally-recognized (*) book author
– who writes about, of all weird things, RUNNING. Many of you read his short story about
“Chuckie” in the last MMS NL. Mr. Recker is having his book, “The Humiliation Tour”,
published by BarkingBoxer Press. This is no short story, being about 350 pages in length.
(strangely enough, there are 26.2 chapters … hmmm …). The cover has an endorsement by
someone named Bill Rogers. (*Jeff has, twice before, been recognized/awarded as the
RRCA Writer of the Year.)
Mr. Recker says: please mention that it will be available for sale on March 20, on Amazon,
B&N, or just about any online store. And I'm also going to try to line up a local book signing at either a
Strider event, or TBD.
In this humorously poignant coming-of-age story, a star high school cross-country runner finds
himself the subject of a humiliating life. Billy, entangled in a web of bureaucratic idiocy and in trouble
with the law, enters into a quirky and tumultuous relationship with his attorney, and later with a saucy
pink-haired co-worker, only to discover his empty pursuits mask his real struggles and the angst of
growing up.
Percolating within him, he comes to realize the one true love of his life—his childhood best
friend. He uncovers his athletic potential with her support, and the haunts of an ancestor who had a
similar gift. Through his great grandfather’s story—one of unfinished business played out during the
Great Depression—Billy is led back to race on the world’s grandest stage…Boston.

Saturday, January 7, CRC Kickstart 5K Fun Run
This 5k (and “kid’s” 1k) was held at Matchett Park. It was a benefit for the GJ Community
Recreation Center Campaign – “someone” involved with this race has informed me that i/we
might get the results – for next NL.
However, one of our Directors participated, and summarized: “The kick-off 5K for the
Community Recreation Center was held on January 7th at Matchett Park. There were 200
runner/walkers. It turned in to a mudfest once it warmed up, but everyone seemed to be
excited despite the mud.” (Sheryl Douglas)

December 10 (2022) the BEER MILE (!)
20 semi-serious (but all had to be “fun-loving”) runners participated. Times ranged from 8:50
to almost a half-hour. See/check the MMS website for results and a photo of the winners.

Of the 30 finishers in this year’s event, the ROPER Family went one-two-three-four for the
fastest times. Grant Roper (age 42) led the way, 22:55, followed by Kara R (41), 23:45.
(Might be the women’s record?). In 3rd and 4th were two more Ropers: Owen (12) in 25:11
and Gwen (10 !) in 28:11. First place for anyone not named “Roper” went to Evan Rich, 5th in

SANTA CAUSE – December 10
7th annual! This race (well, there’s also a 1k) attracted 281 finishers (!), many attired in Santa C(l)aus
suits. Put on by the City of G.J. Parks & Rec. Department – with staging and start/finish at the Las
Colonias (amphitheater) area. Also sponsored by the Kiwanis, and proceeds are used for “inclusive”
play-ground equipment.
1. Shalom Trowbridge (age 18) 16:28 Cheryl Stahly (38) 21:20
2. Sam Garmany (16) 16:38 Lily Thatcher (16) 21:45
3. Whit Blair (24) 17:36 J J Frandsen (12) 21:57
4. Alexander Mendoza (18) 17:47 MacKenzie Black (16) 22:21
5. Yishai Trowbridge (16) 17:48 Emma Buniger (14) 23:13
NOTE the ages of the fast runners, eh?!
Age group winners:
20-29: Carly Capra, 24:41 (8th woman) Whit Blair
30-39: Cheryl Stahly Tyler Jones, 22:57
40-49: Jamie Moats, 29:17 Joel Thatcher, 20:53 (Master’s fastest)
50-59: Julie Hagen, 27:14 Master’s fastest & 13th over-all female Sean Phelps, 23:23
60+ Dani Schettig, 28:07 Scott Ryder, 37:22

Treas Blurb – 2022
Mr. Treasurer likes calling this a “blurb”. Shouldn’t he “get with the times” (not that the editor
has much of an idea as to what THAT really means), and label this a “synopsis”?
2022 was another good year. We were plus $1400 income over expenses.
Memberships and chip timing income were the main drivers of income in 2022. Sag wagon
income and hat and shirt sales also helped much. We bought equipment which added to our
ability to accurately process race results. I.E., a new laptop and two new Jaguar antennae
were added to CT expense.
Our RRCA dues and liability insurance went up to $1319 and included additional
coverage for our volunteers. Costs were held in line by not producing a newsletter unless we
accumulated enough news to report. The paper newsletter was $1100 of our expenses.
Buying hats, beanies, neck gaiters and shirts from the club helps us out. And they make
great gifts as well.
Thanks to Karla for masterminding our Jaguar chip timing operations. Tom Ela our
membership chair and all-purpose group run Guru. Jay Krabacher aka Roscoe for producing
the newsletter for many years as he supposedly awaits a real editor to show up.
Regards, Conrad