March 2020 Strider

Runners on the trails in Loma, Colorado.
21 Mar, 2020

t h e   s t r i d e r

= corona-virus-tainted edition =

NEWS? (& rumors ‘n such) LETTER of/from The Mesa-Monument Striders

In this issue:  Madame President does Xcellent Beverage Pre-dixioneering!

Who is Josh Drews from Whitewater who runs Long Races in Moab?

Fruita (P&R) Sweetheart 5k/10k enjoyed? by almost 400 runners!

Okay, Mr. Zajaczkowski, is that your real name?

CENTRAL H.S. (& Marty W. and Keri Nelson) win the Fruita Sweetheart Runs ~

Next month: ¿will the whirled-azz-wee-no-itt-have-endid? But you can bet your posterior most of us WILL STILL BE regularly RUNNING !

Thanks to Tom Ela, Corey Hinman, Larry Ingram, Karla Nephew, & Rosco’s demented alter-ego for contributions to this edition


            This is the MMS’ “other” prediction race, with prizes being re-distributed to those running closest to their pre-race predictions.  Special thanks to race-winner KN for going to explain to “the neighbors” what was going on.

Runners, in order of accurate pre-run predictions:

1. KARLA NEPHEW, ONE SECOND (she predicted 27:02, actual run was 27:03)

2.  Braden Chutka, 7 seconds (predicted 23:13, ran 7 seconds faster)

3. Ernie Langelier, 8 seconds – predict 27:20, finished in 27:28

4. Chris Sovacool, 9 seconds – predicted 18:00, was 9 seconds faster

5. Abby Ceglowski, 24 seconds.  Ran 27:06 6. Ray Jensen, 27 seconds.  31:47   

7. James Roche, 31 seconds faster than 17:19 (fastest of the day)

8. Esmeralda Rostel, 32 seconds.  27:32 pushing a stroller with her 2 kids in it!

9. Marshall Steele, 35 seconds, 29:10.  “Historical footnote”:  in 2013 Dr. S ran a perfect ZERO prediction, and Suzie was ONE-SECOND off, setting the incredible Team/Sweetheart record of a combined ONE-SECOND prediction.           10. Scott Vig, 40 seconds, 22:14.

11. Patrick Hummel, 44 seconds, 20:16      12. Donnie Tietsema, 56 seconds, 26:03

13. Cory Davis, 59 seconds, 25:16  

14. Sheryl Douglas, 67 seconds, 36:07.  Last year’s Prediction Winner !

15. Cliff Moore, 1:13, 43:47              16. Christina Pierce, 1:27, 25:33

17. Tom Ela, 1:32, 31:45                   18. & 19:  Conrad & Kim Cole, 2:45, pretty good considering they (gu)estimated 60:00.  TEAM/Sweetheart Category Winners

20. Jameson Tade, was he happy he ran 3:14 faster than his 27:00 prediction?

21. Michelle Oberndorf, over 4 minutes faster than her prediction.  Did her leashed-dog pull her faster than expected?  Woman’s fastest at 22:12

MMS Directors meetings --> 2! (two): JANUARY 21:  we talked of the possibility of PAY-PAL with regards the MMS Website.  (In regards paying for membership dues, bribing the Editor, etc.).  COREY H. was attending the meeting via speakerphone and we talked of/about the Grand-Valley-Trail-Alliance with which she is our highly-appreciated contact and and liaison:  questions were raised regarding “specific use” of certain trails – such as ¿downhill only? – e.g., the in-progress PALISADE PLUNGE probably should be (mostly) a downhill entity.  Obviously, in places “Directional” signs would be a good idea. The (inevitable) e-bike discussion was, well, whispered.  CREW-LEADER Training by the BLM (for Trail-building & maintenance) “would be awesome” to have more MMS members attaining this status.  As of the Jan. meeting, this was scheduled for March 27 – 29 (in Delta) -- & if anyone from MMS stepped up to undergo this, the MMS would fund the $40 fee. As of the Jan. meeting, this was to occur March 28 on the PALISADE RIM and Sunday (3/29) would be the “refresher” also @ Palisade Rim.  (The Editor was a little bit hazy on this, the entity providing the training/certification might not be BLM, but the OSI (“Outdoors Stewards Institute”)?  Again, if any MMS member wants to step up/forward for this, the fee would gladly be paid by the MMS.  MMS Spring Trail Work Day is … “May, sometime”.  And …

February 25:  sadly, the GJP&R “Monument March” was cancelled (hopefully just “postponed”) as the GJP&R hadn’t received enough (define “enough”?) pre-entries so, well, bailed.  This event was to have occurred March 7 – with 2 distances, one was out&back from Las Colonias to the Lunch Loops trail-head (12k) and the shorter distance being the one-way slightly downhill from L.L. to Las C.  Martin W. is/was to meet with “Dan” w/GMNC in regards MMS timing their events. (Presently, your running club/organization times 6 or 7 events, (e.g. RimRock, Mike, Santa Cause, Grand Mesa, Kokopelli) and assisting the (bike) Tour of the Valley – seriously, we get paid (for the actual personnel who do this, and …) somewhat generously enough so that MMS annual membership fees are a bunch less than they could be.

The website is close to being done.  The structure is there, we just need to keep adding the content.  The website will be able to push out updates to our social media.  We will have a google calendar of events on the website.  I am working on adding events whenever I have time.  The race result upload is pretty easy, but the results do need to be in a certain format for uploading.  We have a paypal account to take payments and the card reader that hooks to a phone is in the mail (being sent to Conrad's house). We will pay a fee to process credit cards, but can have an option to ask for a donation to offset that fee. 

Corey H. thinks that there could/should be a probable “dog-poop-clean-up day(s)” at certain trail-heads … Randee B resigned from the board.  The Editor, for one, is sad about that.  Hope to continue to see/interact a lot with her, none-the-less. 

            What?!  A possible RAWKENWROLL MARATHON locally?  Don’t worry, this is not likely to happen.  Rene, with the local GJSportsAuthority) was approached by the R&RM’people” about considering a ‘Rock&Roll Marathon’.  Some part of the Editor’s demented brain wishes that this was a feasible possibility, but … yeah, right …  On a more-serious note, the MMS board discussed (however improbable) the feasibility of “talking up”/ promoting events which would bring in out-of-town visitors (with respect to the benefit to local hotels ‘n such).  Let’s sail on into the weird and still-as-of-yet inconceivable future which the Corona-Virus has, regrettably, placed us in.

The M M S Directors, currently, are:

KARLA NEPHEW – President (& Jaguar-Timing-System).

ANDY WINNEFELD – Vice-President (& frequent medical insight).   

TOM ELA – Membership (among many other things).    CONRAD COLE – Treasurer.   

ROSCO BETUNADA – interim temporary acting Secretary, Newsletter.   

LARRY INGRAM -- Calendar, Race Director Consultant.  MARTIN WIESIOLEK -- Web Site &

SHERYL DOUGLAS (former President and still Keeper of the Keys).

PATRICK HUMMEL – Architectural and Design consulting.  COREY HINMAN (GVTA Liason).

K M (mystery occasional semi-secret agent), consultant on any-&-everything

And sincere thanks to RANDEE BERGEN for her years (well, lots of months, the editor can’t keep track) of service to the MMS !


For submissions for next newsletter:  Email articles to [email protected]

Doesn’t have to be a ‘submission’!  Let me know of O-missions, etc.

or ‘regular’ mail to MMS, c/o Betunada, 230 Sunset Hills, Grand Jct., CO  81503

Did you know that you can opt-out of the paper version of the newsletter and get an email version?  You will still get one paper newsletter at the beginning of the year that contains our annual calendar.  Just let Tom or Karla know!  (But if you’re an old-fashioned dinosaur (like the editor), continue w/paper ~)


(let me (editor) know if the lynx, above, actually function, or not) well, while we’re at it, seriously, if any links, websites, data, misspellingingz, etc. are disfunxional, the editorial staff does, indeed, appreciate corrections and updates.  For the most part, we endeavor to impart relevant data and such!  (Yeah, you say … right)

Corey reports on discussions, concerns, news, etc. from a mid-January GrandValleyTrailsAlliance meeting:

  • Mesa County Trails Coordinator - I received Karla’s email from Ross Mittelman, Mesa County Trails Coordinator. I reached out to him to work on setting up some time to learn about new trail projects and initiatives his group is working on and to share information about our group.
  • Next GVTA Meeting January 28th - Feedback from board members listed below. I will bring these items up during the meeting.
    • Palisade Plunge - Group would like clarification on user groups permitted along with plans for directional signs.
    • eBikes - Brought up concerns with lack of signage for eBike restrictions. Discussed that speed of eBikes on trails is a concern/potential hazard for other trail users.
    • Third Flats Trailhead - Trail users have noticed a large volume of dog waste in the parking area. Can the BLM place a trash container at this TH to mitigate this issue?
  • Spring Trail Work Day - Planning for an evening trail work event in the May timeframe. Looking for feedback/ideas from group for trail work projects. 
  • March 27-28 Crew Leader Training
    • Grand Junction and Uncompahgre BLM Field Offices are sponsoring crew leader training in March.
    • Group discussed covering training costs ($40 per person) for a few Striders members who are interested in becoming crew leader certified. Trained members would assist with crew leadership responsibilities during upcoming Striders trail work events. Interested members can reach out to Corey at [email protected] or 707-933-6328 to discuss opportunity further.
    • Full Crew Leader Training:
    • Additional Details:
      • One well-trained Crew Leader can guide up to ten people on a trail construction or maintenance project, and this two-day training will expand your ability to perform high-quality stewardship work. Each trainee will receive hands-on training in effective crew leadership as well as the construction and maintenance of sustainable trails, including tool use and safety. You will also receive a Crew Leader Manual, a set of quick reference cards, and other materials to take home and apply directly to stewardship projects.
      • Note the classroom portion of this training will be held Friday evening, March 27, from 6:00 - 8:30 PM in Delta. The trail portion will be held Saturday, March 28, from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM in the Palisade Rim/Plunge area. This course also features an online component prior to the workshop in order to maximize efficiency and on-the-ground coursework; the online course is self-paced and takes 4-5 hours to complete.
      • Refresher Crew Leader Training - A refresher training session is available for those who are already crew leader certified and would like to brush up on skills (
      • Registration: Be sure to put your group affiliation in the spaces provided.
        • Are you taking this training on behalf of a land management agency or stewardship organization? - select ‘Yes’
        • Please specify land management agency or stewardship organization - enter ‘Mesa Monument Striders’

Karla adds: To reiterate, MMS will reimburse up to 3 MMS members that take the crew leader training and can commit to helping you organize and facilitate our trail work days. I will put a message about the training on FB.  

1/28/2020 GVTA Meeting Notes -- Shelly Steadman - Shelly has volunteered to attend GVTA meetings as a backup when Corey can’t attend (Thank you, Shelly!). Shelly attended the Jan 28th meeting and was introduced to the group.

  • eBikes -- Ryan Cranston from Ruby Canyon Cycles attended the meeting to give an overview of eBikes along with a questions/answers session. Additional details below.
    • Current Restrictions - EBikes are not allowed on non-motorized trails currently.
    • Planning - The BLM is in the planning/review stage of making decisions on potential future updates to the eBike trail restrictions (working with CMU on trail impact studies, etc.).
    • Discussed classes of bikes
      • Class 1/Pedal Assist - Drive system can only be activated through pedaling action and is limited to relatively low speeds. Max motor powered speed is 20mph.
      • Class 2/Throttle On Demand - Electric drive system can be activated through a throttle and is limited to low speeds. Motor system can be activated through pedaling. Max motor powered speed is 20mph.
      • Class 3 - Electric drive system can be activated through pedaling to reach higher top speeds. Max speed is 28mph.
    • Classification  – The question on whether eBikes are considered “bike” or a motorized vehicle, which could change where they are allowed, was discussed.
    • Downhill Speed - Discussed that the Class 1 bikes cannot surpass speeds of traditional bikes downhill.
    • Popularity - eBikes have exploded in popularity over the past 5 years and forecast is that they will continue to gain in popularity exponentially.
    • Concerns - A member of the Backcountry Horseman group brought up concerns about eBikes potentially coming up on horses too fast without warning and spooking them. Also discussed increased number of trail users/crowding as a result of eBikes.
    • Snowboards - One GVTA member mentioned the eBike phenomenon feels much like decades ago when snowboards were introduced and caused contention at ski areas.
    • Future - Overall tone of group was concerned but open-minded about eBikers and trail use changes that could be upcoming in the future. A potential change that definitely requires careful planning and consideration.
  • Additional Topics - Striders had questions on the following topics that were answered via email by Chris Pipkin, Outdoor Recreation Planner with the BLM.
    • Palisade Plunge - The trail will be open to two-way traffic along its entire length for hikers and cyclists, and to equestrian use on the portion of the trail on Forest Service-administered public lands. Equestrian use (except for ranching activities) will not be allowed on the BLM-administered portion of the route. Non-motorized events will be allowed via BLM and Forest Service permits once the entire trail is constructed and opened for use.
    • E-bikes - I will raise the issue here at the office about the lack of signage regarding the current status of e-bike regulations. As the group discussed, there is still a lot of confusion about the regulations, and signage can help with that. I will also relay the concerns about the potential impacts of the higher speeds of e-bikes. 
    • Third Flats Trailhead - Yes, dog waste seems to be a problem just about everywhere! We did recently receive an email from a Striders member regarding the issue at Third Flats. We replied to her email with our rationale for not placing dog waste bags at that location. I will forward that response to you. There is still an opportunity for that service to be provided, but it will be dependent on help from partners. Let me know if you have any questions after reading the forwarded email.
  • Questions? Reach out to Corey at 707-933-6328 or [email protected] with trail work or GVTA related questions and for additional information on the upcoming March 2020 trail crew leader training.

2/25/2020 GVTA Meeting Notes --

  • Palisade Plunge - Work is progressing nicely! Completion estimate is Fall 2021.
  • Rabbit Valley - The BLM will be working on campsites in Rabbit Valley this year. They will be building additional new campsites along with other improvements. There will be fees required to use the Rabbit Valley campsites in the near future.
  • Windmill Trailwork - The BLM has been working on a new singletrack trail (8 miles) that will be an alternative to Windmill Road on the Bangs Canyon trail system.
  • Nine Mile Area (near Whitewater) - The BLM is in the planning stages for additional trails to be constructed in this area. More information to come.
  • Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) Trail Work Weekend - The BLM is working with VOC on an adventure-trail work weekend session May 8-10 on the new singletrack trail off of Windmill road. They are planning a canoe trip along with camping as a part of the trail work session. See for more information and to sign up. There is a fee to participate.
  • OSI/BLM Crew Leader Training Reminder - Sessions are scheduled for March 27-29. See information and website links that were previously distributed.

                Ross Mittelman - I met with Ross Mittelman, Trails coordinator for Mesa County Public Health, over the phone last week for a short chat. He wanted an overview of what our MMS group is all about, info about our events, etc. He was impressed with the weekly runs and annual events our group organizes. As a part of his role, he helps to promote healthy activity opportunities for the community along with making sure organizations like ours have a say in trail management matters. Ross will keep Striders in the loop going forward as he works to network across western slope organizations and gets more involved with the trail community.

  • Thank-you to Corey Hinman ~



Note: all phone numbers “970” unless indicated otherwise    

            Out of an abundance of caution, we will be cancelling all group runs and races until further notice. We are all encouraged to help with social-distancing to flatten the curve and keep our friends and families safe. I encourage you to continue to be active, but do so in a safe manner and limit your contact with others. Thank you for your patience and consideration during this time of uncertainty. Happy running!

Karla Nephew, MMS President                     [email protected]

& so, the Calendar is probably not-applicable.  We can only hope that by mid-April (is that being overly optimistic? but by May, at least?) races & group running circumstances will be in vogue once more.  Anyhow, the Calendar, for now, anyway …

Saturday, April 4, 10 AM   Widowmaker Trail Run, 6ish or 9ish Miles
Little Park Staging Area, aka First Flats  
Up Little Park Road past the houses to first big parking on the left with an outhouse.   Sign up on race day, no charge  Paul 241-6478

this (Widowmaker) is "unofficially" on.  contact any Director as to particulars ~

Rosco B. is at [email protected], or (970) 270-0109

The Editor checked/researched/pondered/whatever and it appears that because of the COVID-19 situation, many, or most, possibly all, running events for April (and (hope not) maybe into early May) are questionable. 

April 18, 10 a.m.  first race of Colorado River Valley Charity Race Series, sponsored by (city of) Rifle Parks & Rec.  à  the SEQUOIA GLEN 5K, in Glenwood.  (970) 665-6570

April 18- 19, Desert Rats Trail-Running Festival, 4 distances, 10k up to 50k, Fruita     Yes, check to see if this is “on”, or not …

 ¿ May 2, 9. a.m. Silt Historical Park Hobble (5k), Silt -- #2 (of 6) races in the Colo.Rvr.Vlly.Charity Series – ?

Tentative -- MMStriders trail maintenance -- Spring trail work day. This is intended to be another after-work session. Again, tentatively: Tuesday, May 12th at 5:45pm. There is sign work we can do in the Pollock-Devils-Kodels Canyon area.

Heck!  So, sorry, no “valid” calendar this month/this issue.  And we know you understand why.  Even tho’ the weekly “group runs” have been either cancelled, but definitely discouraged (as “groups”, that is), here they are, anyway … so when the present crisis blows over or kills us all or a planetary-cure is dispensed into the atmosphere over the entire planet, here is when and where the MMS group runs might eventually be occurring …

            Join us (when COVID-19 is rendered irrelevant) for any of the 3 weekly training sessions: anyone (that is: come one, come all).  NOTE:  you DO NOT "HAVE TO" RUN -- show up and walk, even!  When “things get better” (the storm passes) the Group training runs will be held three times each week, Monday-Wednesday-Thursdays.  

Every Wednesday, speed workout,  6 PM - Back to trails !  We started the Wednesday trail runs on March 11 -- Tabeguache Trailhead on Monument Road (aka Lunch Loops)
All abilities and speeds encouraged to join, Tom 970-773-3124.

Group training run every Thursday,  6 PM – we went back to trails Mar 12
Tabeguache Trailhead on Monument Road (aka Lunch Loops)
We'll be out there rain or shine. As always, this is casual and all shapes and speeds are welcome with various routes to choose from. We'll look out for you.
Questions: Tom 970-773-3124

Group training trail run every Monday,  6 PM   Group training run every Monday,  6 PM
3/30 Pollock Canyon Trailhead, run Pollock Bench Loop
4/6 Mary's Loop Trailhead, I-70 Loma Exit

4/13 Devil's Canyon Trailhead   4/20 Pollock Canyon Trailhead, run Flume Canyon Loop

We will rotate through these four locations in this order through the season. For all but Mary's Loop, take Colo Hwy 340 south from Fruita across the river and turn right at Kings View Rd. Follow through the subdivision and onto the gravel road. Devil's Canyon parking is soon after on the left, Pollock parking is a couple of miles further on the left.
We run in all conditions. Like the Thursday night group, this is casual and all abilities are welcome. We have a 5-6 mile standard loop but there are various shorter options to choose from.
   Tom 970-773-3124  

b c z y x v u 8 1 0 4 3 n ? ! q

MORE running websites: ( SJMR )    San Juan Mountain Runners, 631 S. 2nd Street, Montrose, CO  81401   

West Colorado GIRLS ON THE RUN: 

Steamboat Springs: – this site should show all you need to know about most (or all!)

the Steamboat-area races.  Get on their e-mailing list! (road runners clubs of america)  and   colorado runner:

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And:  they support running in the Grand Valley (& elsewhere).  Support them if you can!

ALPINE AUTO-HAUS, 539 BOGART LANE – (970) 248-8004

Consider this auto-repair/servicing shop – especially for your Audi or BMW or VW or MINI ~

FOOT SUPPORT GROUP  Foot/gait/orthotics/bracing/modification specialists 

“European Craftsmanship – Biomechanical Design”  3212 F Road, Clifton, CO  81520

888-242-3881     or, in the 970 area code:  434-2727  

Summit Canyon Mountaineering   461 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501   (970) 243-2847 

Dr. Andy Mohler, family practitioner – with the Primary Care Partners PC, 3150 N. 12th (G.J., 81506), 245-1220

WEBCREATE.COM – just as it appears:  need help with your website? [email protected]

If any reader (or, heck, even if YOU DON’T READ this) has somewhat pertinent photos of local or even remotely related to local-running photos, consider sending them in to website/facebook, and maybe even [email protected]

Treasurer's Update

The Windows 7 laptop that I was using for the Club's Books started acting weird after it was no longer supported. My IT friend at the bank updated it to Windows 10. But, then I found that I could not open the thumb drive with the Quicken file to access the records. Luckily we only had 1 1/2 months of data. So, I obtained a quick books program and rebuilt the transactions for 2020. Our new reports will look different.

A couple years back, Bryan Baroffio reported on having endured/completed the “Disney’s Dopey Challenge” at Disney World in Florida.  He ran a 5k on the first of 4 race-days, a 10k the next, a half-marathon the following day, ending with a MARATHON on the 4th day!  This past DDC was completed by Sarah (Burns) Heffner, who either presently lives in the Grand Valley (or up until recently did?).  Congrats Sarah!

Jan. 25, ARCHES ULTRA 50 mi., 50k, 13mi, or 9k.

Recently with temp’s in the 60’s ‘n such, what was it like later January?  Must have been “not bad” as over 550 runners participated in the 4 separate races.

          FIFTY MILES of Utah Desert Fun:  94 intrepid souls (yes, the bad joke, 188 soles?) finished the long(er) run, paced by 40-years-young JEASON MURPHY (no home town given) who had 6 hours, 20 minutes and some seconds of effort.  5 minutes back was 47-years-young Leivo Sepp, from ¿Tallinn? (is that in Norway?).  Luke Metzger (also > 40) from Montrose was 4th.  6th over-all and fastest woman was NORA WEATHERS (25, from Boulder) in 7:13:05.  8th over-all was Jessi M-Langehaug (41, Sandy UT) in 7:58:17.  JOSH DREWS (35, from Whitewater) was 18th in 9:04:40.  3rd woman was Caitlin VanDerBerg (just 51, from CapeTown, South Africa), 8:48:28.

          207 runners opted for the 50k (as you know, that’s a Marathon + 5 miles) – paced by Hayden Hawks (28, from Cedar City UT), 3:20:22; followed by Wesley Toews (33, Newcastle), 3:34:19.  18th over-all was Hannah Kligman (30, Taos NM), 4:18:11 to win the women’s title.  Grand Valley was represented by 22nd-place Nicholas Krueger (38, Fruita), 4:25:15; Jason Emberger (39th, age 35, 4:43:05); and 65th-place Todd Hymas-Samkara (40, and a 5:19:11 time).

          Practically the same # of runners finished the half-marathon.  17-years-young Paul Knight from Durango ran an excellent 1:24:37 to win this race.  In 7th was women’s fastest Jamie Kruis (31), 1:35:10.  Grand Valley runners were paced by 22nd-place Mark Zajaczkowski (31), 1:43:04; and tying for 34th-place (& 6th women) were Mara Hardy (30) and Alexia VanRoeckel (28) in 1:50:13.  Tina Lopez (30) was 84th in 2:09:35.

          The 9k was ruled by “the kids”, in that Malachi Ricks (18, with 35:56) and his sister Kylah (16, 37:54) and Korey Metzger (age 10, 42:35) were first thru’ 3rd.  Korey must be related to the “long race” 4th-place runner.  4th-place Sam Glaser (age 43) won the over 18 category, 42:49.  Kathleen Joy (41, from G.J.) was 19th, 56:36.


These popular events are put on by the city of Fruita Rec. Center, and only 400 runners showed up for either a 5k or the double-five.  Seventy-six runners opted for the more-rigorous workout, paced by 48-years-young MARTY WACKER, 35:42.  He was closely-chased by James Roche (32), finishing TWO SECONDS back.  In 3rd was Jeffrey Fiantaca (17), 37:03; 4th was Chris Sovacool (31), 38:03; and 5th was Tyler McDonald (16), 39:11.

            6th-over-all was women’s race winner KERI NELSON (38), 42:48.  2nd woman was 11th over-all Kathy Meyer (38), 48:25.  Winning age groups were Suzie Steel (60!, 4th woman), 49:20; 5th-woman Megan Vassen (29), 49:54; 6th-woman Kristi Siman (40), 50:27; 10th woman Dawn Gwin (53), 52:51; 23rd woman Raine Pratt (16), 61:57; and Mary Young first for 70+ in 96:55.

            Men’s age group winners:  Scott Vig (7th over-all, age 45), 45:30; 9th over-all Ryan Kleist (23), 46:25; 23rd David Karisny (63), 52:12; 32nd-place Nolan Swonger (12), 55:07; 44th Marshall Steel (59), 59:51; and Dennis Young 1st for 70+, 96:55.

            The 5k saw 320 finishers – TRISTIAN SPENCE (15) and JOSHUA TRUJILLO (17), both from C.H.S., led the women and men respectively with 19:32 and 17:53.  You may have read about the Central H.S. ‘Warrior Elite’ running club in a recent Daily Sentinel, chronicling their performance at the U.S. National Snowshoe Championships in Leadville later in February.  The next 4 men were (2) Jacob Buddecke (16), 17:57; Gannon Seagren (17), 18:01; Tyler Stogsdill (15), 18:10; and Billy Adams (16), 18:58.  9th-over-all Patrick Hummel (35), 20:58 was the first runner over 17!  Master’s fastest was Chadd Searcy (45, 12th over-all, 21:43).  Age-group winners were Sean Phelps (57, 14th over-all, 22:07); Ezekiel McGee (13, 24:17, 22nd over); 26th-place Ernie Langelier (67), 25:39; and Carlos Ibarra (24), 28:20.  Stan Chambers was 70+ winner in 34:12.

            Following Tristian in the women’s race were (2nd) Abby Oglesby (21), 19:54; McKenzie Clark (16, 21:49): Korah Handy (16, 22:39); and Liz Connolly (37), 24:11.  Other age-group winners were Master’s fastest Leticia Cisneros (7th woman, age 41, 26:09); Liesl Chapola (10th woman, 51, 27:12); Bailey Martin (age 6!, 27:14); Bekah Krouse (20, 28:14); and Joan Levy (65, 30:19).

Feb 15, Red Hot Ultras -- MOAB area –33k and 55k

            MadMoose has some busy times of each year.  We definitely commiserate with the last-minute (damn near last-minute, it was “last day”) decision to cancel the always-popular damn-near-pre-historic-in-regional-running-history Canyonlands Races.  (The editor hasn’t been to many of those, only having attended TEN). 

Anyhow … these ultra events occurred just 3 weeks after the “Arches” ultras.  55k and 33k?  No messin’ around with the shorter stuff ~

            There were 183 finishers in the longer event, with BRIAN WHITFIELD (age 23, Gunnison) expending 3:47:17 of effort to be fastest man, while ABBY HALL (29, from Boulder) trotted in a bit less than an hour later (4:45:33) to win the women’s title.  Among Grand Valley finishers were: 67th, Evan Rich (40), 6:09:42; Krisin Lillie (29), 8th woman, 6:19:04; Josh Drews (35, Whitewater), 6:25:36; and 88th-place Lindsay Stansfield (38) who negotiated the course in 18 minutes under 7 hours.

            The 33k (about 20 miles) saw 50 more finishers than the 55k, with JOSH EBERLY (39) and JESHURUN SMALL (21) both from Gunnison coming in together at 2:07:24.  BONNIE KAMINSKY (30, from SLC) was fastest lady at 2:41:53, 15th over-all.  Christena Briseno (50-yrs-young) was the fastest Grand Valley finisher we noted – 5:04:29.