November 2019 Strider

Mesa Monument Striders Run from Grand Junction, Colorado, to Whitewater, Colorado, October 2019
02 Nov, 2019

disseminating information (sometimes true, but there are the ¿occasional? fabrication(s)) to the West Slope’s longest-running autonomous collective of running-minded-persons.


Next month: we (you too?) hope to hear all about the RUN 2 WHITEWATER

Thanks to Sheryl Douglas, Conrad Cole, & “anonymous”

for contributions to this edition

MMS Directors meeting --> September 24, Conrad provided the MMS Financial Report - $5,195.37 in the bank.  Conrad requested to buy a new digital timing-clock with stand.  The board ok'd it.  Discussed when the new trail from DT to Lunch Loop gets finished, & then having a race on the new trail.  Conrad's friend suggested that the entry fee include a one-year membership to MMS.  (We’ll snare up a few unsuspecting folks, eh?)  Patrick has the race results form on the website.  Per Karla, Martin is going to get a website proposal written up and bring to (next) meeting.  Martin would also like to modernize the MMS logo.  Randee Bergen is agreeable to letting Martin take over putting items on Facebook.  Tom Ela is thinking about a biathlon on Cactus Park.  That lead into a discussion about adventure races.  Bring suggestions for a one-day adventure race to next meeting.  Next meeting is Oct 22nd.

--- Sheryl D (interim temporary replacement acting Secretary)

Several MMS members participated in the September 28 bicycle “Tour of the Moon” as the “sag wagon”  operator/facilitators.  Hopefully some report on this and the “Striders Trail-Work Day” on October 5 at the Devil’s Canyon Area will appear next issue.                   

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The History of Mary’s Loop Run

While I was helping Karla with timing at this year’s Mary’s Loop, it became evident that the history of the run should be told. I bumped into an old shirt in the closet and thought I would wear it. And, the Search and Rescue announcer kept mentioning that this was the 14th annual Mary’s Loop and Kokopelli Classic event. 

The idea for the race came from Dewayne Deaver, Denise Shirmer and Jo-Riley Epps. The first race was held in 1993. They had no shirts, no porta-potties and no permit. Dewayne worked at the BLM and the event became a fundraiser for the Employee’s Association. The first shirt was in 1994 and the artist behind it was Kathy Voth. (the shirt I was wearing). All Dewayne’s shirts were pictograph art like.

Dewayne got a transfer with the BLM to Salmon, Idaho in 2001. He handed the race off to Striders past-president Robb Reece. Robb was running races in the Himalayas at that time. The event helped with funding. It was low key. Prizes were painted rocks. One year he ran out of time, so Jay Krabacher, Chris Schnittker, and I put the event on, (very) low key of course.

Robb was with Mesa County Search and Rescue then. S&R was interested in taking the event for a fund-raiser themselves. So, we handed it off to them with the stipulation that if they ever decided to give it up, that we would take it back. Denise tells me that while she and Dewayne put it on, it was a springtime event. Then the Indian paintbrush were out. I don’t recall when it changed to the fall, but do remember it was after Imogene in slightly cooler weather.     Submitted by -- Conrad


Note: all phone numbers “970” unless indicated otherwise    


Nov. 2, Saturday, 10 a.m.  Pear Park Panda Waddle 5k, Long’s Park (near Central H.S.)

Nov. 2, RimRock Marathon, and half-marathon (& 12k) 

 Strider members can contact Tom Ela for a discount code.  (970) 248-1378   [email protected]

Also Nov. 2 (and 3rd)  Moab Trail Marathon (& half, & 5k)     


Nov 16, Dead Horse Ultras  SOLD OUT!

November 16, Saturday, 10:30 a.m. Strider “Tom Turkey” 6-mile PREDICTION run

            This “Strider Classic” is unique in that the prizes (turkeys!) are awarded not necessarily to those who run the fastest, but to those who come closest to their pre-race predictions. 

2932 B Road (in Orchard Mesa).  Larry:  270-0774

Nov. 28, Thursday, 8:30 a.m. has it already been 9 years? 9th-annual Firemen’s Turkey Trot 5k, 1st & Main, Downtown Grand Junction

Also Thanksgiving day:  9 a.m., Turkey Trot 4.3 mile (& 2-mile)  Oak Grove Elementary (west of downtown Montrose).  [email protected]

December 7, Saturday          WinterSun 10k

            Starts @ Moab Golf Club, mostly downhill to the Grand County High School

December 8, Sunday, 11 a.m. (snow permitting), Winter Start Cross-country races,

            Join us for any of the 3 weekly training sessions: anyone (that is: come one, come all).  NOTE:  you DO NOT "HAVE TO" RUN -- show up and walk, even!   We are switching from the trails to THE STREETS (& track).  Group training runs are held three times each week, Monday-Wednesday-Thursdays.  Time changes on Nov 3.  Please note our switch to running streets until daylight returns (all still 6 PM):

Every Wednesday, speed workout,  6 PM – was Tabeguache Trailhead on Monument Road a k a Lunch Loops for trail intervals.  However, commencing Nov. 6 we will run at/on the Lincoln Park track (Stocker Stadium).  All abilities and speeds encouraged to join,

Tom 970-773-3124.        


Group training run every Thursday,  6 PM – Oct. 31: Tabeguache Trailhead on Monument Road a k a Lunch Loops.  Beginning Nov. 7 we will run from Handlebar, at the corner of Broadway and Monument Road.  As always, this is casual and all shapes and speeds are welcome with various routes to choose from. We'll look out for you.  Tom 970-773-3124  

Group training trail run every Monday,  6 PM   Monday Nov 4 ongoing, run from Copper Club, Aspen St, downtown Fruita.  (Oct. 28 should be at the Devil’s Canyon Trailhead – LAST “official TRAIL RUN for a while.)  Tom 970-773-3124 

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On Sept. 28 were the Crested Butte Ultra races, Crested Butte, of course.  Put on by madmooseEvents, there was a 55k: in which 135 stalwart trail-enthusiasts completed.  Led by Bryan Kerl (age 27, from Leadville) with a time of 5:11:35.  In 3rd-place over-all was women’s winner Emma Page-Patterson (22, Taos) with 5:50:20.  Grand Valley finishers included Laurie Heiner (Fruita, 7-hours 35-minutes, 41st place); Laura Lunt (G.J., 8 hrs 49 min., 79th); and Ashley Anlholm (G.J., 9 hours ONE minute, ahead of 53 followers).

            27 runners finished the 105k.  Ryan Case (38, Golden) had 12:55:14 of fun to finish over an hour ahead of 2nd-place.  In 5th was 50-years-young Frank Holmes (Eagle), 14-hr 39-min., and 13th over-all was women’s winner Zoe Rom (C’dale), 15:37. 


Sunday October 13 – the ARCHES HALF-MARATHON (& 10 K)

            Formerly the “Other Half”, these scenic courses are further up the Colorado River than the pre-spring “Moab” Half (& 5-mile).  The 10k was held for the first time, and 125 participants obliged.  Skylar Teague (21, Littleton) and Anna Arts (28, Nashville TN) won the race(s) with 38:45 and 47:14.  2nd man was Joshua Cooper (also Littleton), 42:13.  In 3rd was master’s fastest Garry Weems (47, Moab) with 46:50 – and Anna was 5th over-all.  Lori Schultz (G.J.) had 72:03 of fun, followed by 46 more finishers).

            448 half-marathoners finished this year’s event.  Whitner Chase didn’t do any chasing but was chased by every-one else (he’s 27, from Durango) completing the ½ M in 1:14:40.  Two minutes back was Ryan Wilbur (Laramie, 33).  3rd-over-all was Master’s Fastest Brad Cooper (¿the movie star? – nahhhh) – he’s 53 and from Littleton running a 1:19:39.  4th and 5th over-all were lady’s ONE – TWO combo of Stefanie Flippin (30, Evergreen), 1:24:31 and Alison Delgado (36, Park City), 1:25:55.  Female master’s winner was (we think) Amber Ryckhaert (43, Park City), 1:43:39.  Stephanie Evangelisti (Fruita) ran 1:45:53 and was 8th in the 30-39 age-group, which had 100 finishers!  Other runners of the local-persuasion included Rochelle Kriegshauser (who was 6th of 34 finishers in the 50-59 group), 2:07:32.  Holley Scott ran a 2:10:15; Diane Janowicz – 2:16:47; and Carla Tillery came in at 2:31.

Oct. 19, Hope of the Grand Valley 5 & 10k

            A fund-raiser for the Hope of the Grand Valley, these races were held at/from Fruita Community Center, on the Fruita-Loma portion of the Riverfront Trail.  The 10k saw 33 runners finish.  Fastest was Ryan Guldan (36) with a 34:31.  He was followed by recent front-runners in the RimRock Marathon – Grant Roper (39, 37:31) and Kara Roper (38, 38:56) and Roper’s son, Owen (age 9!) was 5th, 45:20.  Finishing 4th between mother-&-son was Master’s monster Bryan Baroffio (61, 44:24).  2nd and 3rd women were Emily Townsend (25, 47:34, 7th over-all) and Kimberly Gasman (32, 50:32, 10th).  The lady’s masters winner was Jeanie Grooms (63, 55:35).

            96 runners completed the shorter race.  Like Guldan’s time in the 10k Max Robinson (26) had a fine 16:56 to win, nearly 3-minutes before 2nd-place Andrew Sands (13) trotted in.  3rd was Tyce Lefebre (also 13), 20:53.  John Ferguson (just 63) was master’s fastest, 5th-over-all in 22:06.  Rachel Cambray (41, 8th-over-all) had a 23:23 for fastest female, with 10th-over-all Grace Santistevan (15) 2nd woman with 24:19